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On this day in 2023 - 8/3/2023


8/3/2023 - On this day in 2023

Trump says he's being 'persecuted' for leading polls after pleading not guilty to January 6 charges: 'If you can't beat him, prosecute him'_DAILYMAIL

The judge assigned to Trump’s Jan. 6 case is a tough punisher of Capitol rioters_AP

Trump is due to face a judge in DC over charges he tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election_AP

Trump legal bills emptying campaign coffers_AFP

Trump Threatens Retribution for Federal Charges: ‘SOON, IN 2024, IT WILL BE OUR TURN’_MEDIAITE

Fulton County sheriff says ‘we’ll have a mugshot’ if former Pres. Trump is indicted locally

Ron DeSantis agrees to debate Gavin Newsom on Fox News_POLITICO

Gavin Newsom running for president? His fundraising strategy signals White House aspirations_SACRAMENTOBEE

Obama warns of Trump’s political strengths in private talk with Biden_WAPO

Nobody has lost a primary after holding a lead like Trump’s_WAPO

Democrats are more enthusiastic about KAMALA than Biden - who is running neck-and-neck with Trump: New poll shows worrying signs for president - even though his party is more on board_DAILYMAIL

Biden world eyes Cornel West and No Labels as potential obstacles for his reelection campaign_POLITICO

Mike Pence mocks Trump for being surrounded by 'crackpot' lawyers - then poses for photos with 19th century reenactors in campaign stop in his home state of Indiana_DAILYMAIL

Pence role in Trump indictment sparks fresh tensions in 2024 race_WAPO

Chicago's woke new mayor Brandon Johnson scolds reporters for using phrase 'mob action' to describe rabble of '400' youngsters who trashed 7-Eleven in Windy City_DAILYMAIL

13 injured in South Korea when a man rams a car onto a sidewalk and stabs pedestrians_ABC

TIFF 2023 Midnight Madness and Discovery Lineup: New Films from Harmony Korine, Patricia Arquette, and Larry Charles_INDIEWIRE

Taylor Swift Is Helping Truck Drivers Buy First Homes With $100,000 Bonuses_ROLLINGSTONE

Biden resorts to a classic D.C. punt on the debt ceiling. Progressives aren’t pleased_POLITICO

Meet NASA's new MOON rovers: Trio of miniature robots the size of a carry-on suitcase will create a 3D map of the lunar surface next year_DAILYMAIL


Lizzo denies dancers’ allegations, saying she’s ‘not the villain’_WAPO

Lizzo says lawsuit allegations are false, calls past few days 'gut wrenchingly difficult’_WAPO

Web3 Gamer: Zuckerberg’s metaverse losses, NFT game on Discord, Gods Unchained hot take_COINTELEGRAPH

90 percent of Ray-Ban Stories owners aren’t using Meta’s smart glasses_THEVERGE

Trump to appear in court after indictment over post-2020 vote actions_NYPOST

What Meta’s New Studies Do—and Don’t—Reveal About Social Media and Polarization_WIRED

California Waves Have Grown a Foot Taller because of Climate Change_SCIENTIFICAMERICAN

NRA Awards Scholarship To Toddler Who Shot Entire Family_ONION

Long COVID Treatment Trials – Finally – Set to Start_WEBMD

Argent Takes Key Step Towards 'Invisible Wallet' With Newest Web Wallet Launch_DECRYPT

Capitol Hill evacuated after ‘bogus’ active shooter call on Trump arraignment eve_NYPOST

Jewish group condemns Trump’s comparison of indictment to 'Nazi persecution’_JC

Credit downgrade shocks Biden aides, as more debt fights loom_WAPO

$25 trillion Treasury market is in the spotlight as U.S. loses its AAA rating for a second time_MARKETWATCH

IRS Visits to Wealthy Americans Drive Malta Pension Probe

Rags-to-Riches Female Candidate Shakes Up Mexico Presidential Race_WSJ

Anti-LGBTQ backlash grows across Middle East, echoing U.S. culture wars_WAPO

Bud Light Boycott Sparks Big U.S. Profit Drop for AB InBev_WSJ

Israeli Reservists Start Missing Duty, Threatening Military Unity and Readiness_WSJ

MSNBC Trounces Fox News, CNN Under Maddow Charge, as Trump Jack Smith Indictment Revealed and Debated on Tuesday Night_SHOWBIZ411

MSNBC MADDOW 2,861,000

FOXNEWS FIVE 2,768,000

MSNBC MELBER 2,671,000

MSNBC MADDOW 2,629,000






MSNBC JOY REID 2,084,000


CNN COOPER 1,220,000

AFP Sues Musk's X Over Copyright_BARRON’S

Miami-Dade police director handcuffed at Tampa hotel hours before he shot himself_MIAMI HERALD

Broadcast TV sees sharpest fall in viewership since records began, says Ofcom_EVENINGSTANDARD

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav on Strikes: “We’re in Uncharted Waters”_HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Leah Remini Sues Scientology For Harassment; Seeks To End Church’s Alleged “Suppressive Persons” Retribution Polices_DEADLINE

The King of Queens actress Leah Remini's Scientology suit claims church used HUNDREDS of fake websites and social accounts in a 'campaign to destroy' her life_DAILYMAIL

UFOs once took control of Russian ICBMs, nearly caused WW3 - testimony_JERUSALEMPOST

Central Park among NYC areas considered to house migrants: ‘Everything is on the table’_NBC4

Pilots Are Seeing Some Very Strange Things In Arizona’s Military Training Ranges_WARZONE

Mark Zuckerberg builds octagon in back garden to train for Elon Musk superfight leaving wife Priscilla Chan fuming_USSUN

Mystery Buyer Pays $138.83 Million for Connecticut’s Most Expensive Home Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich is also one of the priciest properties to close in the U.S._WSJ

It’s midwinter, but it’s over 100 degrees in South America_WAPO

Two Supermoons Happening in August, Including a Blue Moon_WSJ

Massive solar eruption slams into Earth, the moon and Mars at once for the first time in history_DAILYMAIL

Hunter got a PORSCHE after bringing Joe to dinner with a Kazakh oligarch: Devon Archer's FULL testimony on how Biden 'brand' was used as INTIMIDATION by Burisma - and the then-VP's 20 meetings with son's business partners - is released_DAILYMAIL

Horrifying moment Ohio cops fire hail of bullets at hijackers, 54 and 51, after they kidnapped trucker in his semi-truck, led cops on a three-hour chase and held him hostage: Suspects die in hospital_DAILYMAIL

NEWS 8/3/2023 - On this day

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