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On this day in 2023 - 8/28/2023


8/28/2023 - On this day in 2023

Chicago mayor mocked for suing automakers for car thefts: 'Criminals run rampant' but it's a 'Kia problem'_FOXNEWS

Get out NOW! Tampa Bay residents are told to flee while dozens of schools are shut and 5,500 National Guard are on standby as Tropical Storm Idalia gathers strength and is now set to slam into Florida as a Category 3 hurricane_DAILYMAIL

Flight chaos to last for DAYS: Thousands of stranded Brits are warned disruption will continue into the week despite 'network failure' being 'remedied' - as 500 UK flights are cancelled by air traffic control on one of the busiest days of the year_DAILYMAIL

UP IN THE AIR UK airspace ‘network-wide failure’ fixed after Brits stranded by 500 cancelled flights – but effects could last DAYS_USSUN

'World's most advanced' humanoid robot Ameca reveals what she thinks life will be like in 100 years - so, is a robot takeover on the cards?_DAILYMAIL

AI could choke on its own exhaust as it fills the web_AXIOS

Dispatch pauses AI sports writing program_AXIOS

SPY HARD I’m an ex-KGB sleeper agent… I know the most dangerous weapon in Putin’s spy arsenal & it could cause chaos for the West_USSUN

Shooter in Deadly Jacksonville Dollar Store Attack Purchased Guns Legally Despite Being Held for Mental Health Reasons_MESSENGERNEWS

Tropical Storm Idalia updates: Florida braces for hurricane's landfall_ABCNEWS

UK flights resume after air traffic control ‘technical issue’ causes holiday delays_CNBC

Founders: See what TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 has in store for you_TECHCRUNCH

UK air traffic control news LIVE: Latest as flights grounded after technical failure, hitting holidaymakers with severe delays and cancellations in 'network-wide' problem_DAILYMAIL

Maui Strong: Hawaii Artist Teams Up With Decrypt for NFT Fundraiser_DECRYPT

Tech leaders have spent $800 million trying to build a new city beside San Francisco_VERGE

'I'm Gonna Take All of You Out': Nevada Rangers Ram Through Climate Protest Blockade, Smash Activists on Ground by Arresting Them at Gun Point (Watch Video)_LATESTLY

Warren Buffett may be bracing for a recession – and Michael Burry's latest big short is a 'good move,' says top economist Steve Hanke_MARKETINSIDER

Rising Gasoline Prices Hit Inflation-Weary Americans_WSJ

Biden advisers bristle at Gavin Newsom's plan to debate DeSantis_NBC

Anti-Japanese Feeling Rises in China After Fukushima Water Discharge_WSJ

How an Instagram Account Turned a Bay Area Community Against Itself_DNYUZ

Israel to have partial laser defenses by next year - Rafael chair_JERUSALEMPOST

A secluded Northern California waterfall is the latest victim of viral fame and crushing crowds_LATIMES

DEATH CAPSULE Inventor dubbed Dr Death unveils grisly ‘suicide booth’ the Sarco Pod that asks three questions before suffocating user_USSUN

Burning Man 2023: Nevada Rangers plow truck through Extinction Rebellion protest after the activists blocked road into festival causing 'miles-long gridlock’_DAILYMAIL

Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary warns that soaring interest rates will bring mayhem to the economy before Christmas_DAILYMAIL

NEWS 8/28/2023 - On this day

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