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On this day in 2023 - 8/2/2023


8/2/2023 - On this day in 2023

How "Pussy Rap," Hip-Hop's Sexually Explicit Subgenre, Helps Combat Misogyny_POPSUGAR

Democrats press Musk on X’s ‘hostile stance’ toward independent research of its platform_CNBC

Jellyfish have been roaming the seas for at least 500 million years_POPULARSCIENCE

Trump indictment live updates: Former president calls latest charges a ‘pile-on'_ABC

Trump has been indicted for something Americans seem to have forgotten_VOX

Columbia University claims ‘video requirement’ on application was an accident_NYPOST

Mike Pence on Donald Trump’s third indictment: ‘Should never be president’_NYPOST

'Show Your Face to the Orb': Eyes-on With Sam Altman's Worldcoin_DECRYPT

Mixed signals: Binance denies reports of $90B in crypto trades in China_COINTELEGRAPH

‘561 YEARS in Prison’: Trump Fundraising Off of Recent Indictment With Dire Warning YOU Could Be ‘Thrown in Jail for 6 LIFETIMES’_MEDIAITE

Indict, Rally, Repeat: Reactions to Latest Trump Charges Follow Familiar Script_WSJ

$25 trillion Treasury market is in the spotlight as U.S. loses its AAA rating for a second time_MARKETWATCH

Fox News Loses Its Goddamn Mind Over Trump Jan. 6 Indictment: ‘Germ Warfare!’_DAILYBEAST

Worldcoin says will allow companies, governments to use its ID system_REUTERS

Hacking group plans system to encrypt social media and other apps_WAPO

AI-enabled brain implant helps patient regain feeling and movement_ENGADGET

NEWS 8/2/2023 - On this day

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