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On this day in 2023 - 8/18/2023


8/18/2023 - On this day in 2023

China property giant Evergrande files for US bankruptcy protection - BBC News

Trump CANCELS 'major news conference' at his New Jersey golf club to present evidence 'exonerating' him after fourth indictment on Georgia election fraud charges, citing his lawyers_DAILYMAIL

ERBIL GUNASTI: Kamala Harris smashed her way through the glass ceiling to become Vice President... but she had a likeability problem at the start of her tenure, and she still does now_DAILYMAIL

White Starbucks manager who ran store where two black men were refused access to bathroom is awarded another $2.7 million - after she was previously given $25 million when a jury found she had been fired because of her race_DAILYMAIL

Sickened witnesses describe hearing loud crash and seeing body parts strewn across street after man in pajamas jumped off top of NYC's luxury Mandarin Oriental hotel and split in half on marquee_DAILYMAIL

Facebook is slammed for censoring posts linking increase in whale deaths along east coast to offshore WIND FARMS_DAILYMAIL

YouTube's Algorithms Aren't Racist, Judge Says_GIZMODO

Lil Tay's feuding parents reach a custody agreement that could allow the internet star to return to social media... following cruel death hoax_DAILYMAIL

FBI arrests officers who allegedly used police dogs to attack people_WAPO

Bitcoin breaks below $26,000, heads for worst week since November_CNBC

Fans are adapting 'Twin Peaks' into a PS1-style adventure game, and there's a demo_ENGADGET

The Future of Recycling Is Sorty McSortface_THEATLANTIC

US Court Greenlights SEC’s Request To Probe Terra Co-Founder In Korea_BITCOINIST

Max Streaming Service Review: Loads of Content, but You Have to Make It Fit You_CNET

China’s Outdated And Abandoned EVs Are Piling Up_JALOPNIK

$7 Million Retreat On Kauai Provides A Nature Immersion Experience_FORBES

Horrifying photo captures moment parasitic fungus bursts from huge spider's body_LIVESCIENCE

What’s the ‘Free Use’ Fetish, and Why’s Everyone Talking About It?_VICE

Trump to skip Republican debate, interview with ex-Fox host Carlson -NYT_REUTERS

Publishers see dramatic drop in Facebook referral traffic as the social platform signals exit from news business_CNNBUSINESS

Hundreds of Gun Dealers Lose Licenses Under Biden Administration Crackdown_WSJ

How MBS wins friends and influences people_UNHERD

Why stock investors are suddenly so scared_CNNBUSINESS

Kansas judge who signed off on ‘Gestapo-style’ raid on small-town newspaper has two DUIs_NYPOST

Newsmax Pundit Urges Conservatives to ‘Be More Homophobic’_DAILYBEAST

Jewish MMA fighter beats antisemitic troll into submission in Vegas fight_JC

Exclusive: James O’Keefe Is Now Under Investigation for Looting Project Veritas_THENATION

Smash-and-grab Mob Robberies Spark Los Angeles Clampdown_BARRONS

Flash mobs invade luxury L.A. retailers with brute force, overwhelming numbers_LATIMES

Gunmen rob six L.A. taco trucks and stands, the latest in a string of street holdups_LATIMES

Locals in DC fear supermarket closings over rampant stealing_USSUN

Shoppers fed up with anti-theft devices_USSUN

Germany’s far-right party is more popular than ever — and more extreme_WAPO

China rehearses invasion of Taiwan with troops storming 'sea defences' in chilling wargames - while Beijing and Russia stage joint naval exercises in the Pacific_DAILYMAIL

Intelligence Agencies Warn Foreign Spies Are Targeting U.S. Space Companies_DNYUZ

‘Am I Ugly?’ This May Be the Only Place to Get an Honest Answer_WSJ

Progressive insurance sued for 'patently unlawful' racism by offering $25,000 grants to help black-owned businesses buy vehicles, but ruling out whites, Asians, Latinos, and others_DAILYMAIL

EXCLUSIVE: Blanca Blanco poses in a butterfly bikini in Bora Bora... as she shares her latest diet trick that saves money_DAILYMAIL

NEWS 8/18/2023 - On this day

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