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On this day in 2023 - 8/15/2023


8/15/2023 - On this day in 2023

Gloomy scientists call for people to start wearing Covid masks again as they sound alarm over new variant BA.6 that has 'a lot of new mutations'_DAILYMAIL

Restaurant owner sparked police raid on local Kansas newspaper to kill her DUI story: Now read the story Kari Newell wanted you NOT TO!_DAILYMAIL

Israel may uproot ancient Christian mosaic near Armageddon. Where it could go next sparks outcry_AP

Vice blocked news stories that could offend Saudi Arabia, insiders say_GUARDIAN


the hackers “utilized a vulnerability in the Microsoft software” and that the breach was not caused by “user error.”

GOP lawmaker says he was hacked by Chinese spies_THEHILL


Report on Anti-Gay Slur Could Put Local News Site Out of Business_DNYUZ

Small-town Kansas paper was probing ‘Gestapo’ police chief over sex claims before he raided it_NYPOST

After a police raid on a Kansas newspaper, questions mount_WAPO

Year of hell for news bosses...

Television Accounts for Less than Half of U.S. Viewing Time for the First Time_WSJ

The Email Rocking D.C. Media_DAILYBEAST

Lahaina Fire Victims Being Pressured to Sell Land, Governor Warns_MESSENGERNEWS

Hawaii Fire Death Toll Hits 99, May Double, Warns Governor_BARRONS

Former Trump advisor blames Jews for their own deportations to Auschwitz_JC

Trump faces 13 counts in Georgia indictment; 18 others charged_WAPO

Trump and 18 others charged in Georgia election inquiry_BBC

Biden heads to battleground Wisconsin to talk about the economy a week before GOP debate_ABC

Danny Meyer closing two NYC restaurants housed in historic hotel that’s now a migrant shelter_NYPOST

VC associates, this AI is coming for your jobs_TECHCRUNCH

Google’s AI search experience adds AI-powered summaries, definitions and coding improvements_TECHCRUNCH

Mother of 6-year-old boy who shot Virginia teacher pleads guilty to child neglect_NBC

Sei token valued at $1.8B after beta launch, exchange listings_COINTELEGRAPH

What recession? This summer’s economy is defying the odds._WAPO

Ford to install hands-off driving hardware in more vehicles, sell subscriptions_AUTOBLOG

Trump’s momentum shows few signs of waning despite growing legal storm_THEHILL

Young environmental activists prevail in first-of-its-kind climate change trial in Montana_AP

EXCLUSIVE: Branding experts warn Rachel Zegler backlash could RUIN Disney's big budget Snow White remake and predict executives will be having 'crisis talks' in order to win back fans ahead of 2024 release_DAILYMAIL

Tiffani Thiessen, 49, of Saved By The Bell opens up about aging in Hollywood: 'People expect me to look a certain way but it's just not realistic’_DAILYMAIL

Moms on Mushrooms: Mothers are microdosing shrooms to be better parents_DAILYMAIL

Selling Sunset's Emma Hernan makes sure all eyes are on her by wearing BIKINI to lunch in West Hollywood_DAILYMAIL

Entire police department resigns in Minnesota city, leaves mayor ‘blindsided’: 'Zero applicants' Goodhue's police chief said in July that he had 'zero applicants' to join force_FOXNEWS

NEWS 8/15/2023 - On this day

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