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On this day in 2023 - 8/11/2023


8/11/2023 - On this day in 2023

Stewart Copeland Keeps Reinventing the Songs of the Police_WSJ


News Corp using AI to produce 3,000 Australian local news stories a week_GUARDIAN

News Corp eyes huge AI potential, ‘fatal’ consequences_NEWDAILY

News Corp staff blindsided by company’s use of AI to produce articles for ‘years’_CRIKEY

News Corp Swings to Loss Amid Revenue Drop, Book-Publishing Struggles_WSJ

News Corp profits dive 75% as Rupert Murdoch-owned company hints at AI future_GUARDIAN

Neo-Nazis Are Using Climate Disasters to Recruit New Members_VICE

Murdoch’s News Corp Profits Plunge 75%, Looks to AI to Cut Costs_DAILYBEAST

News Corp profit collapse; looks to AI_ADVANCEDTELEVISION


At least 55 people died on Maui. Residents had little warning before wildfires overtook a town_AP

Maui wildfire death toll of 55 expected to rise amid search for victims_REUTERS

Maui wildfires live updates: Cadaver dogs fly in from California and Washington to scour razed buildings for victims in Hawaii_DAILYMAIL


Michigan Republicans Warn of Civil War at Pool Party Fundraiser for Fake Electors_THEMESSENGERPOLITICS

Only 16% of Californians Can Afford to Buy a Home_BLOOMBERG

Congress may let jet owners like Elon Musk block flight info_AXIOS

Effort to regulate ‘deepfake’ political ads moves forward_ROLLCALL

UPDATE 3-San Francisco moves to center of robotaxi universe after California agency vote_REUTERS

Scientists may be on brink of discovering fifth force of nature_GUARDIAN

Get Money (COVID remix) How Post Malone, Chris Brown, Nickelback, and other stars scored $200 million in pandemic taxpayer cash_INSIDER

Virginia Factory Worker Becomes 'Overnight Sensation' as Blue-Collar Anthem 'Rich Men North of Richmond' Blows Up_WESTERNJOURNAL

Hollywood Studios and Unions To Resume Talks As Strike Hits 101 Days_DEADLINE

NH Board of Education tables PragerU financial literacy course after pushbackSEACOASTONLINE

An author says AI is ‘writing’ unauthorized books being sold under her name on Amazon_CNN

Biden administration to invest $1.2 billion in projects to suck carbon out of the air_CNN

AI Mania Triggers Dot-Com Bubble Flashbacks_WSJ

Record hot ocean temps could turbocharge the hurricane season, says NOAA_CNBC

NOAA boosts Atlantic hurricane forecast, leans toward busy season_WAPO

How hot is South Florida? Beach sand was 137 degrees and playground floor reached 177_MIAMIHERALD

Global Covid cases up 80% as new subvariant rises_AFP

NEWS 8/11/2023 - On this day

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