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On this day in 2023 - 7/4/2023


7/4/2023 - On this day in 2023

Google Says It'll Scrape Everything You Post Online for AI_GIZMODO

Will America Be Ready for Its 250th Birthday?_DNYUZ

A guy tried using ChatGPT to turn $100 into a business making ‘as much money as possible.’ Here are the first 4 steps the AI chatbot gave him_DNYUZ

FBI digital sting shows the promise — and limits — of hacking hackers_DNYUZ

Twitter chaos leaves door open for Meta's rival app_AFP

Americans are down on morality, family and country_AXIOS

In a polarized US, how to define a patriot increasingly depends on who’s being asked_AP

Viral Leftist Twitter User Likely Doesn’t Exist: Expert_DAILYBEAST

At least 3 dead, 8 injured in shooting during celebration in Texas_NBC

Five dead in July 4 Philly bloodbath: Gunman, 40, armed with AR-15, handgun, magazines, police scanner and bulletproof vest kills men aged 16-59 and injures two kids aged 2 and 13 during rampage before he is arrested_DAILYMAIL

Secret Service investigating suspicious substance found in White House_WAPO

Newsom hits the road to campaign for Biden in Idaho, building his own base in red states_LATIMES

Hunter arrives back at the White House with Joe, Jill, wife Melissa and son Beau after Secret Service found COCAINE at the White House - and investigate who could have left white powder in the library_DAILYMAIL

Activist lawyers demand Harvard ENDS 'legacy admissions' as they argue they unfairly favor white students... just days after SCOTUS ended affirmative action_DAILYMAIL

Time used to run SLOWER: The universe was five times slower soon after the Big Bang, scientists revea_DAILYMAIL

Plaid will deposit open banking intel on the Fintech Stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023_TECHCRUNCH

Russia Is Reportedly Open To A Prisoner Swap For Detained WSJ Reporter Evan Gershkovich_FORBES

Bluesky Sees "Record" Web Traffic After Elon's Latest Dumb Twitter Decision_GIZMODO

Text AI Art Generators Hinder Artists More Than Help Them_GIZMODO

NEWS 7/4/2023 - On this day

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