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On this day in 2023 - 7/27/2023


7/27/2023 - On this day in 2023

Trump's lawyers told to 'EXPECT' third indictment as they meet with Special Counsel's office_DAILYMAIL

Boy, 5, high on COCAINE fatally shoots his 16-month-old brother who was high on marijuana inside Indiana home: Parents are charged with neglect_DAILYMAIL

Revealed: The ten US cities where home foreclosures are rising fastest - amid concerns owners are sitting on a 'negative equity timebomb’_DAILYMAIL

Android will now warn about unknown Bluetooth trackers, like AirTag, traveling with you_TECHCRUNCH

7 automakers team up to cover the US and Canada with fast EV chargers_POPULARSCIENCE


Rep. Patrick McHenry blames White House for lack of urgency on stablecoin bill negotiations_COINTELEGRAPH

Tesla’s $15,000 'Full Self-Driving Beta' Can Be Worthless At Trade-In_JALOPNIK

Viral Superconductor Study Claims to 'Open a New Era for Humankind.' Scientists Aren't So Sure_VICE

Why charge an EV when you can just swap its battery?_THEVERGE

Levi's and Studio Ghibli Deliver Thematic 'Princess Mononoke' Collection_HYPEBEAST

Trump lawyers meet with Jack Smith’s team ahead of possible 2020 election indictment, AP source says_AP

Mitch McConnell ‘Clearly Had Some Kind of Neurological Event’ at Podium, Concludes CNN’s Sanjay Gupta: ‘He Needs to Get Checked Out’_MEDIAITE

Mitch McConnell fell recently at a D.C. airport, before his news conference freeze-up_NBC

McConnell episode alarms Senate GOP_POLITICO

Sinead O'Connor dead at 56...

'Iconoclast': Remembrances pour in for Sinead O’Connor_AFP

Sam Bankman-Fried to have campaign donation charge dropped: Prosecutors_COINTELEGRAPH

Tim Scott sparks fresh GOP interest as DeSantis stumbles_THEHILL

Tesla created secret team to suppress thousands of driving range complaints_REUTERS

Florida is first state to approve PragerU’s curriculum which raises concern for schools_7NEWSMIAMI

Bud Light Brewer Lays Off Hundreds of U.S. Workers_WSJ

GDP grew at a 2.4% pace in the second quarter, topping expectations despite recession calls_CNBC

Dow rises for a 13th straight day, posting its best winning streak since 1987: Live updates_CNBC

Israeli Protesters Pledge to Intensify Civil Unrest_WSJ

Ex-Mossad chief: 'Israeli gov't has let in KKK mentality’_JERUSALEMPOST

An Unwelcome Visitor Returns This Summer. Hint: It’s Covid_WSJ

Syphilis Emergency Looms in the US as Drugs Run Low_BLOOMBERG

Jim Jordan is treating Mark Zuckerberg like a piñata. Here’s why._POLITICO

FTC readies lawsuit that could break up Amazon_POLITICO

UFO Whistleblower Claims Massive Coverup, Retribution In Sworn Testimony_THEDRIVE

Witness at UFO Hearing Testifies Under Oath ‘Non-Human’ Bodies Have Been Recovered by Gov’t From Crashed Crafts_MEDIAITE

A mysterious 2,000-year-old Iron Age warrior was female, a new study shows_NBC

Jeff Zucker, ‘Baffled’ and ‘Stunned’ by Variety Article, Asks for Retraction | Exclusive_WRAP

US Grid Operator PJM Declares Level One Emergency Amid Scorching Heat_USNEWS

Exclusive: California Gov Gavin Newsom May Be Back Channeling in Actors, Writers Strikes Against Studios_SHOWBIZ411

Studios Quietly Go on Hiring Spree for AI Specialist Jobs Amid Picket Line Anxiety_HOLLYWOODREPORTER

EXCLUSIVE Inside Mick Jagger's WILD 80th birthday bash: A serenade by Leonardo DiCaprio and Lenny Kravitz, performances by thong-clad exotic dancers, unlimited free booze and a 3am finish_DAILYMAIL

Tesla has a range inflation problem_TECHCRUNCH

Hackers are infecting Call of Duty players with a self-spreading malware_TECHCRUNCH

It’s not just Netflix’s $900K AI jobs, it’s the hypocrisy_TECHCRUNCH

News app Artifact adds AI text-to-speech voices, including Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow_TECHCRUNCH

The ad market is recovering_TECHCRUNCH

The $10,495 Fuell Fllow electric motorcycle is available for pre-order today_ENGADGET

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ probes the limits of redemption_ENGADGET

NASA picks Lockheed Martin to build the nuclear rocket that’ll take us to Mars_ENGADGET

Mycle Cargo is almost the longtail of the people I’ve been waiting for_ENGADGET

One of our favorite mesh WiFi systems, TP-Link's Deco, is 30 percent off_ENGADGET

AI Advancements Put Women at Greater Risk of Losing Their Jobs, New Study Says_GIZMODO

NEWS 7/27/2023 - On this day

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