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On this day in 2023 - 7/26/2023


7/26/2023 - On this day in 2023

The Vast Surveillance Network That Traps Thousands of Disabled Medicaid Recipients_SLATE

The Barbie Movie Is A Masterfully Disguised General Motors Commercial_JALOPNIK

Microsoft shares fall after earnings report as analysts process a delayed A.I. ramp_CNBC

SEC files charges against Quantstamp for $28M initial coin offering_COINTELEGRAPH

Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon have launched their open-source mapping project_THEVERGE

Fire on Car-Carrier Ship Off Dutch Coast Kills One Coast guard is investigating whether the blaze started in an electric vehicle_WSJ

Earth's plate tectonics traced back to 'tipping point' 3.2 billion years ago_LIVESCIENCE

Effectiv’s fraud tools determine if it is you or your deep fake making that bank withdrawal_TECHCRUNCH

AI-Enhanced Samsung Bespoke Vacuums Get Smarter, More Efficient_DESIGNMILK

Mac Users Beware: ‘Realst’ Malware Emerges, Specifically Targeting Crypto Wallets_BITCOINIST

Like a hot tub: Water temperatures off Florida soar over 100 degrees, stunning experts_NBC

Funnel cloud seen spinning over U.S. Capitol building in Washington_WASHINGTONPOST

JUST IN: Rudy Giuliani Concedes in Court Filing He Made ‘False’ Statements About Georgia Election Workers_MEDIAITE

Israeli Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Judicial Overhaul_WSJ

Israel's Supreme Court Could Strike Down Bill Aimed at Limiting Its Power. But Will It?

Former defense official Christopher Mellon says the US has recovered technology that 'did not originate on this earth’_DAILYMAIL

AI creates first love song – and the lyrics take a bizarre twist_USSUN


Fox Staff Anonymously Revolted By Gutfeld Holocaust Remark: ‘At Any Other Place, His Career Would Be Over’_MEDIAITE


3 campers found dead at remote Colorado campsite were trying to live 'off the grid’_HASTINGSTRIBUNE

The enduring appeal of remote Pacific islands for rich apocalypse preppers_WAPO

Elon Musk is accused of taking over @X Twitter account from San Fran snapper Gene X Hwang who says ‘they just took it’ as part of the platform's rebrand_DAILYMAIL

Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali - the Democratic donor who bought Hunter's art and was then picked for plum Biden commission - has visited the White House 13 TIMES in 18 months, visitor logs show_DAILYMAIL

Growth driven by AI will be the metric to watch this earnings cycle_TECHCRUNCH

Spyhide stalkerware is spying on tens of thousands of phones_TECHCRUNCH

Amazon Prime members can now get pre-approved for new Boost Infinite plans_ENGADGET

Twitter Scammers Stole $1,000 From My Friend—So I Hunted Them Down_WIRED

Israel’s Tech Companies Are Fighting Netanyahu—or Leaving the Startup Nation_WIRED

Meta’s Open Source Llama Upsets the AI Horse Race_WIRED


NEWS 7/26/2023 - On this day

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