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On this day in 2023 - 6/8/2023


6/8/2023 - On this day in 2023

Cuba to Host Secret Chinese Spy Base Focusing on U.S._WSJ

Radio host sues ChatGPT developer over allegedly libelous claims_POPULARSCIENCE

Russia says top UN court should dismiss Ukraine's case over Crimea and terrorism funding_ABC

Pigment secures $88 million for its business planning tool that will make you forget about Excel_TECHCRUNCH

Where the latest GOP candidates stand on abortion_WP

Crypto ads face stricter rules, referral bonus ban by UK FCA_COINTELEGRAPH

Air quality concerns continue as Canadian wildfire smoke covers the Northeast_NBC

Carnage in the playground: Syrian refugee stabs a child in its pram in front of screaming mother as four kids aged around three - including a Brit - are knifed in French tourist hotspot before police overpower him_DAILYMAIL

Generative AI Comes to Adobe Express for Social Videos, Flashy Fliers

Vessel buildup grows at West Coast ports as maritime supply chain begins to break, echoing Covid chaos_CNBC

IRS Sends Taxpayers Bills With Wrong Due Dates_WSJ

How $900,000 in direct cash giving was stolen from the poorest of the poor_VOX

AI Won’t Take Jobs—It Will Augment Workers_FORBES

EU Watchdog Cracks Down On Crypto Ads On Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter_BITCOINIST

How long will the bad air quality continue in NYC, Northeast?_ACCUWEATHER

UFOs, Lasers, and Antifa Arsonists: Wildfires Spark New Conspiracy Theories_ROLLINGSTONE

Smoke blanketing New York City evokes memories of 1966 ‘killer smog’_WP

Puerto Rico breaks record with 125-degree heat index, causing power outages and serious health risks_DAILYNEWS

The San Andreas Fault Is Sleepy Near Los Angeles. Researchers Have an Idea Why._DNYUZ

NASA mission to prevent 'internet apocalypse' which could leave people offline for months_MIRROR

Biden and Trump Could Both Lose in 2024_WSJ

Journalist goes undercover in crypto world and sells photo of dog as NFT for $20k…_MIRROR


Los Angeles County D.A.'s office quits Twitter amid flood of anti-LGBTQ+ comments_LATIMES

News axiom. This is a false flag attack if I ever saw one. They LOVE anti-whatever sentiment so much that they have to manufacture it to meet the demand. And they ‘quit’ over it? Where is their resolve to fight the nazis? They should immediately demand twitter unmask the perpetrators which will probably lead right back their own office.


HIV alarm in Uganda as anti-gay law forces LGBT ‘lockdown'_REUTERS

Scammers can turn your profile picture into deepfake porn and blackmail you, FBI warns_DAILYSTAR

What in the World Happened to Gigi Levangie Grazer? God, Guns and a Hollywood Kiss-Off_WRAP

Without Fox News, Tucker Carlson Takes Man Cave Rants to Twitter Show — to Smaller Results_VARIETY



Congress Tees Up New Bill Stripping PGA Tour’s Tax-Exempt Status_SPORTICO

All About the Deep-Pocketed Saudi Wealth Fund That Rocked Golf_DNYUZ

Flashpoint in Israel: Divide between religious and secular Jews heats up under Netanyahu’s rule_AP

Taiwan activates air defence as China aircraft enter zone_REUTERS

Ukraine Launches 'Full Scale Offensive' in Zaporizhzhia_NEWSWEEK

California, Texas make legal moves against Florida migrant flights_THEHILL

2 groups cancel Orlando conventions as worries over political climate grow_ORLANDOSENTINEL

Southern California teacher placed on leave after video clip of anatomy lesson leaked_ARCAMAX

Why are teachers striking over slavery?

George Winston, pianist of pastoral scenes, has died at 73_NPR

Frodo, is that you? Face of a 'real-life HOBBIT' who lived in Indonesia 60,000 years ago is revealed for the first time_DAILYMAIL

EXCLUSIVE: 'She seduced my husband and ruined my life.' Wife of Lauren Boebert's former restaurant chef claims the married politician had him cook intimate meals for her at her home and lavished him with gifts like a $700 golf club and cruise tickets_DAILYMAIL

Is Nike preparing to unveil ‘gender-inclusive’ kids' clothing for Pride? Internal memo reveals ‘pioneering’ Kids One Fit line is due to be unveiled_DAILYMAIL

LinkedIn is the next social network to offer AI-powered tools for ad copies_TECHCRUNCH

Green Coffee Co. percolates on $25M to expand in Colombia, launch alcoholic beverages_TECHCRUNCH

Apple’s Vision Pro Isn’t the Future_WIRED

The Age of Flames Reaches the US East Coast_WIRED

The Bizarre Reality of Getting Online in North Korea_WIRED

Review: EcoFlow Blade_WIRED

The End of Influencers on Instagram_WIRED

All the Ways ChatGPT Can Help You Land a Job_WIRED

This Artificial Muscle Moves Stuff on Its Own_WIRED

Objects in Apple’s Vision Are Closer Than They Appear_WIRED

People Let a Startup Put a Brain Implant in Their Skull—for 15 Minutes_WIRED

Hands on With Apple’s Vision Pro: The Opposite of Disappearing_WIRED

Here Are the Unhinged 'Highlights' From Tucker Carlson's Wildly Popular New Twitter Show_GIZMODO

The First Robot Vacuum That Can Climb and Clean Stairs Could Be a Game-Changer_GIZMODO

Time-Lapse Shows First-Ever Livestream From Mars_GIZMODO


NEWS 6/8/2023 - On this day

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