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On this day in 2023 - 6/6/2023


6/6/2023 - On this day in 2023

SEC brings charges against cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase_ABC

PGA Tour to merge with Saudi-backed LIV Golf under single ownership_ABC

North Korean hackers impersonated journalists to gather intel from academics and think tanks_TECHCRUNCH

Sequoia Capital to split into three parts, separating its China and India businesses_CNBC

Air quality monitoring stations could help track and preserve threatened species_POPULARSCIENCE

13 PC Games You Can Play Forever_WIRED

Breaking: Coinbase targeted by state security regulators concurrent to SEC lawsuit_COINTELEGRAPH

New York City's Best Music Festival Is Back, Baby_VICE

Baseball fan holding small child trips, slams son’s skull into pavement while chasing fly ball: video_NYPOST

Toyota Prius 24h Le Mans Centennial GR Edition is a hybrid in a racing suit_AUTOBLOG

Coinbase Stock Down 18% in Pre-Market Trading in Wake of SEC Lawsuit_DECRYPT

What Is the Future of Fusion Energy?_SCIENTIFICAMERICAN

Jalopnik Investigates: I Need To Find The NYPD ACAB Pride Cop Car_JALOPNIK

Florida police arrest three suspects in Memorial Day shooting that wounded nine, including three children_NBC

Video shows how a storekeeper defeated Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in jiu-jitsu_NPR

The Morning After: Apple reveals its mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro_ENGADGET

ASCO President on Patient Partnerships

Tesla's Cybertruck Supply Chain Lead Quits to Work at Rival Rivian_GIZMODO

this is really the start of an AI ecosystem in the App Store

Trump attorneys meet with special counsel at Justice Dept amid documents investigation_CBS

Trump lawyers ask Justice Dept. not to charge Trump in classified docs case_WP

Exclusive: Mar-a-Lago pool flood raises suspicions among prosecutors in Trump classified documents case_CNN

RUBICON AXIOM - California threatens legal action over migrant flights_AFP

Texas sheriff recommends charges over Martha’s Vineyard migrant flight_WP

The 16 People Who Will Pick the Next President

Lawyer says Rep. George Santos would go to jail to keep identities of bond cosigners secret_AP

Human Rights Campaign declares a national state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people_CNN

Transgender Sports Rules Face Court Test_WSJ

FBI Director to Face Contempt of Congress Hearing in Escalating Biden Probe_BLOOMBERG

FBI had reviewed, closed inquiry into Biden claims at center of Hill fight_WP

Okla. Catholic school set to become nation’s first religious charter_WP

How Ice Spice Became Music’s Next Big Thing_WSJ


Oregon is invested in Fox Corp. and is investigating its board over bogus election fraud claims_AP

Hundreds of journalists strike to demand leadership change at biggest US newspaper chain_AP

Screen Actors Guild Authorizes Union to Call a Strike if Needed as Tension Rises in Hollywood_WSJ

UPS strike looms in a world grown reliant on everything delivered everywhere all the time_AP

Mood-altering mushroom sales bloom despite safety concerns

Graydon Carter once set the pace for media parties. Could he do it again?_WAPO

'Night Fury': Documents Detail DHS Project to Give 'Risk Scores' to Social Media Users_VICE

Lawsuit claiming racism at Tesla draws almost 240 black workers

Apple just announced its first major product since 2014: The Vision Pro for $3,499_CNBC

Collapse of major dam in southern Ukraine triggers emergency as Moscow and Kyiv trade blame_AP

Dam Blown Up—Unleashing Floods and Threatening Ukrainian Nuclear Plant_DNYUZ

Zoo animals drown in flood water after Ukrainian dam is destroyed

'Forced to evacuate': Kherson locals rage at Russians_AFP

U.S. had intelligence of detailed Ukrainian plan to attack Nord Stream pipeline_WP

Iran unveils first hypersonic missile dubbed ‘Fattah’ meaning ‘Victory’ as 3,800mph rocket poses chilling threat to West_USSUN

Is it real or made by AI? Europe wants a label for that as it fights disinformation_AP

Sexual Assault Claims Mount Against Rammstein Frontman_BARRONS

Mysterious species buried their dead and carved symbols 100,000 years before humans

Why Is Everyone Watching TV With the Subtitles On?_ATLANTIC

Almost HALF of Americans would consider backing a third-party candidate if it's Biden v Trump in 2024: Poll shows voters would shun the Democrats and Republicans if the president, 80, and his predecessor go to battle_DAILYMAIL

Bud Light sales are down AGAIN as it suffers nearly 24% drop but experts cautiously say there are signs of a 'turn-around in performance' after boycott over Dylan Mulvaney controversy_DAILYMAIL

Surprise, surprise! NYC's first 'safe drug and sex' vending machine giving out free crack pipes, condoms and Narcan is already EMPTY less than 24 hours after it was installed_DAILYMAIL

Target's 'stunning collapse' after $14B was wiped off market share amid backlash against Pride collection is a 'stark warning' to other woke CEOs, Shark Tank star warns_DAILYMAIL

Investors have pulled a staggering $780 MILLION from crypto exchange Binance in the last 24 hours after SEC accused it of mishandling customer funds and 'diverting' them to separate firm owned by founder ‘CZ'_DAILYMAIL

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3: How the tech giants' headsets stack up against each other - with Apple's device 7 TIMES more expensive_DAILYMAIL

Will YOUR iPhone support Apple's upcoming iOS 17? These 3 popular smartphones won't get the update set to be released this year_DAILYMAIL

Former UPenn teammate of trans swimmer Lia Thomas braves the woke mob to reveal how girls used to hide in bathroom stalls to avoid changing next to pre-op 6ft 1 athlete_DAILYMAIL

'Does nobody at JPMorgan have a conscience?' Three of Jeffrey Epstein's victims write scathing letters pleading for bank execs to admit they knew about pedophile's abuse_DAILYMAIL

NYC is 'code red' for unhealthy air quality as smoke from Canadian wildfires pours across the Northeast sparking warning for residents with breathing issues to stay indoors_DAILYMAIL

First impressions: Yes, Apple Vision Pro works and yes, it’s good_TECHCRUNCH

Apple WWDC 2023: Everything announced from the Apple Vision Pro to iOS 17, MacBook Air and more_TECHCRUNCH

Here are the iOS 17 features Apple didn’t announce on stage_TECHCRUNCH

Apple’s new headset fails to excite investors but sends shares of Unity soaring_TECHCRUNCH

Sequoia splits China and India arms from US mothership_TECHCRUNCH

Binance Out $790 Million As Investors Move Assets After SEC Lawsuit, Research Firm Reports_FORBES

Microsoft Build 2023 Brings AI Tools To Where Work Is Done With Copilots And Plugins_FORBES

People Let a Startup Put a Brain Implant in Their Skull—for 15 Minutes_WIRED

Do People Actually Want to Wear a Headset All the Time?_WIRED

‘Building a Platform Like Twitter Is Not Difficult’_WIRED


NEWS 6/6/2023 - On this day

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