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On this day in 2023 - 6/3/2023


6/3/2023 - On this day in 2023

DEUS EX MACHINA AI scientists are developing a ‘digital brain’ that will surpass humans – we need to stop everything NOW, says insider_USSUN

California Assembly ignores Meta’s threat, votes to pass the Journalism Preservation Act Read more at:

Chilling mystery as nearly 30 kids go missing from city in two weeks and cops say they’ve never seen anything like it_USSUN

What makes the search even more difficult is the lack of pictures in the cases listed on the website for missing Cleveland children.

Is there a serial killer on the loose in Portland? SIX women under 40 have been found dead in 'suspicious circumstances' in secluded areas in a 100 mile radius in the last three months_DAILYMAIL

This is what it really takes to make the cut in a Southern sorority: College girls are paying THOUSANDS to consultants to scrub their social media, give them tips on how to dress - and coach them straight into one of the mansions on Sorority Row_DAILYMAIL

How To Find (and Delete) Duplicate Pics From Apple and Google Photos_GIZMODO

How to Find Downloaded Files on an iPhone or Android Phone_WIRED


Around 400 Grail Patients Mistakenly Told They Might Have Cancer—Company Blames Vendor_FORBES

If Apple wants its headset to win, it needs to reinvent the app_VERGE

Lifeguard shortage may force half of public pools in U.S. to close or limit hours_CBS

Even the cheapest Tesla Model 3 now qualifies for the full $7,500 tax credit_ENGADGET

Dow leaps 700 points on hot jobs report, Nasdaq notches sixth straight winning week: Live updates_CNBC

Stock market today: Wall Street leaps, nearly escapes its bear market after strong jobs report_AP

Dow ends 700 points higher as stock-market rally puts S&P 500 on verge of bear-market exit_MARKETWATCH

Trump’s Fox News Town Hall Brings in Fewer Viewers Than His CNN Town Hall_MEDIAITE

Joe Biden Uses First Oval Office Address To Take Swipe At Trump. Debt Ceiling Deal Victory Lap, & Set Up Reelection Campaign Themes_DEADLINE

AXIOM, RUBICON AXIOM US defense secretary says Washington won’t stand for ‘coercion and bullying’ from China_AP

CIA Chief Made Secret Trip to China_WSJ

Elon Musk Is All About the Nonstop Grind. And He Can’t Stop Talking About It._WSJ

Twitter Safety Executives Exit as Concerns About Policing Content Grow_WSJ

BREAKING NEWS: At least one person is injured as violence breaks out between parents and LGBTQ supporters at LA elementary school where Pride flag was burned_DAILYMAIL

Pissed Librarians Come for Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Kids Book Ban_DNYUZ


When children kill: Doctors warn ADHD medication and developing brains of children can create 'perfect storm' for psychotic episodes — as nation is rocked by murder of 9-year-old boy by his SISTER, 12_DAILYMAIL

Trump, DeSantis in open warfare as they hit the trail in early states_WAPO

Casey DeSantis emerges as pivotal figure on 2024 US campaign trail_REUTERS

Exclusive: Trump attorneys haven’t found classified document former president referred to on tape following subpoena_CNN

A quarter of all children in the U.S. are Latino, U.S. census study finds_NBC

Moscow drone attack, Kremlin blasts and cross-border raids spell doom for the Russian tyrant and could see the break-up of his country, expert warns_DAILYMAIL

Should 'three-person babies' have the right to know their donors?_BBC

Texas father of two, 31, is found 'wandering in the woods' one WEEK after mysteriously going missing on his early morning walk without his phone or wallet: Family say they are ‘overjoyed'_DAILYMAIL

Las Vegas strip club will gift Golden Knights stars 'free lap dances for life' if they seal Stanley Cup glory_DAILYMAIL

'You know what you did': Baltimore science conference descends into chaos after furious husband storms on stage and SLAPS doctor for 'sexually assaulting his wife seven years ago’_DAILYMAIL

Costco executives say the signs of a recession are emerging - because customers are buying THESE products_DAILYMAIL

The great unretirement! How droves of employees are now being forced BACK to the workplace as inflation hammers their lockdown savings - here's what to know before you quit work_DAILYMAIL

This AI used GPT-4 to become an expert Minecraft player_TECHCRUNCH

Aviator Nation Owner Is Richer Than Ever As SoCal Surfer Brand Arrives In New York_FORBES

Congress Introduces A Game-Changing Crypto Bill Amid $350 Billion Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB And XRP Price Pump_FORBES

Security News This Week: AI Is Being Used to ‘Turbocharge’ Scams_WIRED

The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns_WIRED

Scientists Successfully Transmit Space-Based Solar Power to Earth for the First Time_GIZMODO

How To Find (and Delete) Duplicate Pics From Apple and Google Photos_GIZMODO

Hundreds of One-Dimensional Strands Found Lurking in Our Galaxy's Core_GIZMODO

What's The Point of Expanding Album Covers with AI?_GIZMODO

CoinDesk Turns 10: 2015 – Vitalik Buterin and the Birth of Ethereum_COINDESK

Crypto Tracking Firm Elliptic Is Now Using AI to Catch Hackers_DECRYPT


NEWS 6/3/2023 - On this day

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