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On this day in 2023 - 6/25/2023


6/25/2023 - On this day in 2023

Designers hated Figma’s collaborative design tool at first, but grew to love it_TECHCRUNCH

OceanGate fires a whistleblower, hackers threaten to leak Reddit data, and Marvel embraces AI art_TECHCRUNCH

Taylor Swift Asks Fans Not to Cyberbully as She Unearths ‘Dear John’ for First Time in 11 Years_ROLLINGSTONE

'Most frightening thing I have seen in my life:' Worshippers outraged as Neo-Nazis wave swastika flags outside Georgia synagogue - and police refuse to intervene because it is 'free speech’_DAILYMAIL

The three Democrats (not Biden or Harris) Republicans fear most in ’24_DAILYMAIL

Trump tells supporters ‘I’m being indicted for you’_NYPOST

The surprisingly popular world of online trainspotting: ‘Some people keep it on 24 hours a day’_GUARDIAN

‘A symbol of what humans shouldn’t be doing’: the new world of octopus farming_GUARDIAN

Parents and teachers warned not to ridicule schoolkids who identify as animals_THESUN

Scammers Target Stores With Bomb Threats, Seeking Bitcoin and Gift Cards_WSJ

EXCLUSIVE: Proof your iPhone IS tracking you: Secret map on your cell that shows you everywhere you've been - and how to disable it_DAILYMAIL

What life is like for migrants who make a new start in Europe: From the child refugee who became a porn star in Budapest to the Syrian who almost drowned in his treacherous small-boat crossing to work for Amazon in Germany_DAILYMAIL

Amazon plans to invest another $15 billion in India by 2030_TECHCRUNCH

When AI bots pose as humans_TECHCRUNCH

Meet the AI Protest Group Campaigning Against Human Extinction_WIRED

NEWS 6/25/2023 - On this day

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