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On this day in 2023 - 6/23/2023


6/23/2023 - On this day in 2023

Are the Facebook Papers Too Sensitive for Public Release?_GIZMODO

Everything you need to know about OceanGate and what’s next for the company: ‘Great risk’_NYPOST

Exclusive: Special counsel trades immunity for fake elector testimony as Jan 6 probe heats up_CNN

'Encouraging' illegal immigration is not protected as free speech, Supreme Court rules_LATIMES

Hispanics are now the largest demographic group in Texas, census data confirms_DALLASMORNINGNEWS

Meta says it will block news from Facebook, Instagram in Canada_WAPO

An IPO for a Painting? This $55 Million Masterpiece Is Going Public A portrait by British painter Francis Bacon will be publicly listed this summer, even as rising interest rates blur the case for investing in art_WSJ

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer sues Kari Lake, her campaign for defamation

Victor Wembanyama: The 7’4 unicorn touted as the NBA’s greatest prospect since LeBron James_THEINDIANEXPRESS

A Crypto Side Door: Buying a ‘Digital Residency’ in Palau for $248 The island nation’s program advertising suggests residency could circumvent bans on services such as Binance_WSJ

Kosovo-Serbia conflict creates fear of escalation in tense Europe_THEHILL

'Overwhelming' Acropolis Queues A Challenge For Visitors_BARRONS

It was always doomed to implode: James Cameron says Titan sub's Achilles heel was 'fundamentally-flawed' carbon fiber hull which weakened with each expedition - and fears dead men may have known they were about to die_DAILYMAIL

Denise Austin, 66, proves she has stayed in stunning shape as she fits into the exact SAME swimsuit that she wore 30 years ago_DAILYMAIL

Google finally fixes 'secret recording' bug for WhatsApp that freaked out Android users: Update your app now to block it from happening_DAILYMAIL

Barack Obama questions why Titan sub tragedy that killed five got MORE coverage than boat with 700 migrants sinking off the coast of Greece_DAILYMAIL

Get a clue, says panel about buzzy AI tech: It’s being ‘deployed as surveillance’_TECHCRUNCH

Feds seize notorious and shuttered hacking site BreachForums_TECHCRUNCH

While everyone keeps talking about AI, HRtech startups are quietly building toward a $24B market_TECHCRUNCH

Crypto startup Pillow, backed by Accel and Quona, to discontinue all services_TECHCRUNCH

Bitcoin rises above $31,000 to highest level in more than a year to cap the week_CNBC

Marvel’s Secret Invasion AI Scandal Is Strangely Hopeful_WIRED

Review: Apple Mac Studio (M2 Ultra, 2023)_WIRED

Meta Tells Canada: No News for You!_GIZMODO

100K ChatGPT logins have been leaked on dark web, cybersecurity firm warns_COINTELEGRAPH

This Crypto 'Ponzi Scheme' in South Korea Raked In More Than $127 Million_DECRYPT

NEWS 6/23/2023 - On this day

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