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On this day in 2023 - 6/22/2023


6/22/2023 - On this day in 2023

'I know what they went through': Moment Titanic diver breaks down in tears over missing Titan sub as it brings back memories of his own botched underwater visit to shipwreck_DAILYMAIL

Acryl Data raises $21M to grow its enterprise data catalog platform_TECHCRUNCH

After a 70 year battle, the WHO declares Belize malaria-free_POPULARSCIENCE

The FTC’s case against Microsoft could quickly turn into Xbox vs. PlayStation_THEVERGE

Billionaire Hamish Harding's Stepson Details "F--king Nightmare" Situation Amid Titanic Sub Search_E!

How AI is changing the way humans interact with machines_COINTELEGRAPH

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg agree to hold cage fight_BBC

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Boebert a ‘Little Bitch’ on the House Floor_DAILYBEAST

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reportedly Called Lauren Boebert a ‘Little B*tch’ On the House Floor as Feud Escalates_MEDIAITE

McCarthy warns House GOP now is not time to force vote impeaching Biden: ‘What majority do we want to be?’_CNN

Rep. George Santos’ mystery bail backers to be revealed at noon_CNBC

Meteorologist resigns, citing PTSD from threats over climate change coverage_WAPO

Zelensky warns Russia planning ‘nuclear terror attack’ to unleash massive radiation leak at Zaporizhzhia plant_THESUN

EXCLUSIVE: Russian Military Uses China in Sourcing Banned Tech from 59 U.S. Firms_NEWSWEEK

Markets guru David Rosenberg says the tech-stock frenzy reminds him of the dot-com bubble – and warns the US economy is barreling towards recession_DNYUZ

Deepwater water robot officially reaches the sea floor - with another moments away - and begin searching for missing Titanic sub, just ten minutes before oxygen supply runs out at 12.08pm_DAILYMAIL

“They’re Scared”: 5,000-Plus Demonstrators Rally in L.A. to Support Writers Strike, Pressure Studios_THEHOLLYWOODREPORTER

This woman is the front-runner to be Mexico's next president_LATIMES

Jan. 6 rioter who electroshocked Michael Fanone shouts 'Trump won' after he's sentenced to 12½ years_NBC

“We’re All at the Whims of Barry”: Will the Daily Beast Find a Buyer?_VANITYFAIR

This stunning island is the world's first phone-free tourist destination_USATODAY

Nearly 100 injured as hail storm pummels Louis Tomlinson concert in Colorado_NBC

Taylor Sheridan Does Whatever He Wants: “I Will Tell My Stories My Way”_THEHOLLYWOODREPORTER

Lean green flying machines take wing in Paris, heralding transport revolution_AP

'It took far too long': Family of missing British billionaire Hamish Harding slam OceanGate over 'frightening' eight hour delay in raising the alarm after sub vanished - as co-founder insists they have 'longer than we think' and rescue mission continues_DAILYMAIL

Hunter Biden was member of an elite LA sex club SNCTM - but was kicked out for being a 'scumbag', says founder, who's now been banned from party he founded for breaking confidentiality rules to ID president's son_DAILYMAIL

Biden hugs Modi in front of huge crowd of Indian supporters to kick off controversial state visit that has sparked outrage from the left over human rights and the crackdown on press freedoms_DAILYMAIL

'My daughter was murdered by a gender ideology': LA mom slams CPS after it took away her daughter and let her transition into a man - before she killed herself three years later aged just 19_DAILYMAIL

Skilled Indian Workers Will Have Easier Visa Access Under Biden Plan, Report Says_FORBES

Docs Show FBI Pressures Cops to Keep Phone Surveillance Secrets_WIRED

Military AI’s Next Frontier: Your Work Computer_WIRED

Secret Invasion Uses AI for Its Opening Credits, and the Excuse Is Meaningless_GIZMODO

NEWS 6/22/2023 - On this day

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