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On this day in 2023 - 6/14/2023


6/14/2023 - On this day in 2023

NEWS 6/14/2023 - On this day

The Beatles are releasing their 'last' record. AI helped make it possible_ABCNEWS

Founder of sexuality-focused women’s wellness company pleads not guilty in forced labor case_NBC

Astronomers capture rare "bizarre" star explosion that could help uncover "the mysteries of the universe”_CBSNEWS

Backstrapped to 800,000 users, online programming community JDoodle lands funding_TECHCRUNCH

Meet ‘Heina’ Chen, The Secretive Executive Holding The Purse Strings At Binance_FORBES

ChatGPT outperforms humans on ob-gyn medical exam, study shows_NYPOST

Will Madonna Continue Her Winning Streak Next Week With Sam Smith?_FORBES

Crypto Firms Should Start Preparing for MiCA ‘Now–Maybe Even Yesterday’: Chainalysis_DECRYPT


Red-hued rainbow appears as sun sets over Yosemite National Park_ABC

Hawaii volcano Kīlauea creates fiery landscape of lava_NATURE

The EU Wants to Break Up Google's Biggest Business_GIZMODO

Jack Smith could 'sidestep' Aileen Cannon by charging Trump elsewhere: legal experts_RAWSTORY

Jack Smith’s Backup Option_THEATLANTIC

MAGA hats, convict stripes and a dead pig: Trump fans, foes show up at Miami courthouse_MIAMIHERALD

Trump greets arraignment with showmanship in bid to upstage charges_WAPO

A glowering former president faces a historic day in court_YAHOONEWS

Trump has to weather new legal storm. Rivals turn critical, supporters rally behind him_MIAMIHERALD

Pence says he ‘can’t defend’ allegations in Trump indictment_THEHILL

Republicans privately acknowledge Trump's legal woes are serious this time_NBC

Ex-Chief of Staff John Kelly Claims Trump Is Absolutely Terrified of Documents Indictment: ‘He’s Scared Sh*tless’_MEDIAITE

Democrats Celebrate and Fear the Indictment of a ‘Chaos Machine’_DNYUZ

Week of June 5 Basic Cable Ranker: For First Time Since 2018, MSNBC Beats Fox News and CNN in Primetime Demo and Total Viewers_TVNEWSER

8 Silicon Valley households have 6 times more wealth than bottom 500,000, rights group reports_ARCAMAX

Google Charged by EU With Abusing Its Ad Tech Dominance_BLOOMBERG

Europe moves ahead on AI regulation, challenging tech giants’ power_WAPO

RFK Jr.’s success leaves progressives pining for competitive primary_THEHILL

Influencers overtaking journalists as news source: report_AFP

The GOP’s new Muslim outreach_SEMAFOR

When Finding Your Bliss Means Floating, Naked_WSJ

Jack Smith gear floods online stores as Trump pleads not guilty_THEHILL

In the MAGA mirror, Trump’s legal peril looks like a personal threat_WAPO

Democrats and Republicans share core values but still distrust each other_AP

Twitter Suspends 2 Accounts Linked to Elon Musk Critic_MARKETWATCH

Elon Musk says people are 'already cyborgs' because machines maintain our memory for us_BUSINESSINSIDER

The truth about acid casualties_UNHERD

Woman, 21, accused of posing as man to trick teen into sex smiles & waves after being found guilty of assault by kissing_USSUN

Woman pushing daughter in stroller down Brooklyn street stabbed multiple times by stranger in blond wig_DAILYNEWS

Belarus receives nuclear bombs ‘three times size of Hiroshima bomb’ from Russia_AOL

Texas Is Expected to Break The Power-Demand Record as Heat Intensifies This Week_BLOOMBERG

Water rationing is introduced after temperatures hit 30C on hottest June 13th EVER: Met Office declares vast swathes of UK are officially in a heatwave_DAILYMAIL

U.S. extends temporary protected status for more than 330,000 immigrants_WAPO

Tijuana mayor says she'll live at army base after threats, 7 bodies found in truck_CBS

Murdoch and Conservative Rivals Circle Spectator and Telegraph_BLOOMBERGNEWS

If humans went extinct, what would the Earth look like one year later?_STUDYFINDS

Jack Dorsey worries Apple Vision Pro will turn us all into ‘WALL-E’ characters — glued to chairs and plugged into constant entertainment_BUSINESSINSIDER

Fake Twitter 'Blondes' Promote UAE Climate Summit_BARRONS

A $204 million mansion is Dubai’s most expensive house for sale_BUSINESS

Attorney for girlfriend accused of driving Army veteran to suicide says horrific barrage of texts were 'immoral but not criminal' - including video of her having sex with new man_DAILYMAIL

White Starbucks manager who ran Philly store where two black men were refused access to bathroom - sparking protests - is awarded $25M as jury finds she was fired because of her race_DAILYMAIL

Hundreds of subreddits plan to go dark indefinitely after Reddit CEO’s internal memo_TECHCRUNCH

OpenAI intros new generative text features while reducing pricing_TECHCRUNCH

Synthesia secures $90M for AI that generates custom avatars_TECHCRUNCH

Google Lens can now search for skin conditions_TECHCRUNCH

Google intros new AI-powered travel and product search features_TECHCRUNCH

Google Maps gains glanceable directions and an expanded Immersive View_TECHCRUNCH

Google’s new generative AI lets you preview clothes on different models_TECHCRUNCH

Larry Ellison Overtakes Jeff Bezos As World’s Third-Richest Person_FORBES

Frances Haugen Says We Need a ‘Free Mark’ Movement_WIRED

ChatGPT Is Unoriginal—and Exactly What Humans Need_WIRED

Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker Wants to Break the Content Machine

Google’s New AI Tool Is About to Make Online Shopping Even Easier_WIRED

The End of Influencers on Instagram_WIRED

NEWS 6/14/2023 - On this day

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