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On this day in 2023 - 6/12/2023


On this day in 2023 - 6/12/2023

Forbes Iconoclast Summit 2023: Wisdom From The World’s Most Influential Investors_FORBES

Scientists use AI to help uncover elusive Nazca lines_POPULARSCIENCE

Reddit starts crashing as subreddit blackout keeps growing_VERGE

Meta's Open-Source 'MusicGen' AI Is Like ChatGPT for Tunes_GIZMODO

The best electric bikes of 2023_AUTOBLOG

Trump’s political fortunes haven’t changed, but his legal situation is getting dark_SEMAFOR

Trump’s Miami court date brings fears of violence, rally plans_WAPO

Aileen Cannon’s Previous Rulings About Trump Demand Her Recusal_SLATE

How the Florida judge overseeing Trump's trial could hobble the Justice Department's case_NBC

Nuclear arsenals grow as global arms race takes shape - analysis_JERUSALEMPOST

Nato launches biggest EVER aerial war games dubbed ‘Air Defender’ with 250 jets and 10,000 troops in warning to Putin_USSUN

Actor Denee Benton Slams Ron DeSantis as ‘Grand Wizard’ in Tony Awards Speech_VARIETY


Right-Wing Culture Warriors Are Oblivious to the Coming Backlash_DAILYBEAST

JPMorgan to Pay $290 Million to Settle Jeffrey Epstein Accusers’ Suit_WSJ

Scoop: Fox sends Tucker Carlson cease-and-desist letter_AXIOS

A STAR REPORTER’S BREAK WITH REALITY Lara Logan was once a respected 60 Minutes correspondent. Now she trades in conspiracy theories that even far-right media disavow. What happened?_ATLANTIC

The Great Grift: How billions in COVID-19 relief aid was stolen or wasted_AP

Anti-LGBTQ backlash rattles US pride events_AFP

Florida anti-LGBTQ laws prompt families who feel unsafe to flee_WAPO

Proposed California bill would brand parents abusive if they refuse to affirm their transgender children's identity - and let social workers take youngsters into care_DAILYMAIL

Hotel Owners Start to Write Off San Francisco as Business Nosedives City’s lodging business has been squeezed by crime and other quality-of-life issues_WSJ

The Shocking Allegations Against a Hot-Shot Tech Founder_DAILYBEAST

Welcome to Slowjamastan, a ‘micronation’ hidden in California_THEHILL

‘The Idol’ Episode 2 Controversial Moments: Jocelyn Shoots the Music Video From Hell and Has an X-Rated House Party_VARIETY

Deepfake porn of TikTok stars thrives on Twitter even though it breaks the platform’s rules_NBC

'We have now reached a war phase,' wrote Rep Andy Biggs. 'Violent rhetoric' spreading in MAGA-world over Trump indictment._BUSINESSINSIDER

Georgia is likely next ground zero for Trump’s battle with law enforcement_WAPO

Facing threats to his speakership, McCarthy takes a 'YOLO' approach_NBC

A Youth Climate Case Years in the Making Goes to Trial in Montana_DNYUZ

Boris Johnson's shock exit reverberates through British ruling party_REUTERS

Can you trust your ears? AI voice scams rattle US_AFP

People who work with AI are more likely to be lonely, suffer from insomnia and booze after work, study finds_DAILYMAIL

Silvio Berlusconi obituary: Italy's flamboyant bounce-back politician_BBC

Elon Musk’s Twitter vs. Bad Bots: The Battle Goes On_WSJ

George Soros Hands Control to His 37-Year-Old Son: ‘I’m More Political’_WSJ

Son of George Soros scoring easy White House access, records show_NYPOST

After shock LIV Golf-PGA merger, what other sports are in the Saudis’ sights?_NYPOST

NATO begins unprecedented air drill in 'show of strength’_AFP

Chinese Parts Help Iran Supply Drones to Russia Quickly, Investigators Say_WSJ

How Putin has become ‘Little Stalin’ using brutal Soviet tactics from blowing up dam to sending own men to the slaughter_USSUN

Moscow court detains US citizen on drug charges_JERUSALEMPOST

Join the military, become a US citizen: Uncle Sam wants you and vous and tu_AP

Disney heir says her grandfather Walt is 'spinning in his grave' as video emerges of Nazi flags being waved outside Orlando park

Fox sends cease-and-desist letter to Tucker Carlson as he ramps up Twitter series that drew 169 million views in first two episodes_DAILYMAIL

Majority of Americans do NOT support trans athletes competing against women: Nearly 70% say athletes should only be allowed to compete on sports teams that align with their birth gender, new survey shows_DAILYMAIL

In the rough: Trump leaves Bedminster golf club to head to Florida ahead of tomorrow's arraignment on 37 federal charges - as Miami ramps up security amid fears of violent protest_DAILYMAIL

Tragic first words spoken by children who survived 40 days in the Colombian jungle are revealed as rescuers describe how the eldest child ran towards them holding a baby when she saw them_DAILYMAIL

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the bungled probe into death of Native American woman killed by car driven by 'white supremacist' whose children are named Aryan and Nation - who has NOT been charged_DAILYMAIL

The REAL Star Wars planet! Scientists discover a new world in a Tatooine-like system with two stars in the centre_DAILYMAIL

Salesforce launches AI Cloud to bring models to the enterprise_TECHCRUNCH

OpenAI, DeepMind and Anthropic to give UK early access to foundational models for AI safety research_TECHCRUNCH

Former Samsung exec accused of stealing data to build copycat chip plant in China_TECHCRUNCH

Hyper raises $3.6M from Amazon and more for its iPhone-based, VTuber-friendly avatar platform_TECHCRUNCH

Lawsuits Allege This Startup Ripped Off Millions From Vendors. Andreessen Horowitz Backed The Former CEO’s New Company Anyway_FORBES

An Anti-Porn App Put Him in Jail and His Family Under Surveillance_WIRED

The Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers_WIRED

Here's Why Thousands of Subreddits Are Now Private_GIZMODO

NEWS 6/12/2023 - On this day

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