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On this day in 2023 - 6/11/2023


6/11/2023 - On this day in 2023

NEWS 6/11/2023 - On this day


Liberal philanthropist George Soros taps ‘more political’ son to take over $25B empire_NYPOST

George Soros Hands Control to His 37-Year-Old Son: ‘I’m More Political’_WSJ

VP Kamala Harris huddles with George Soros scion ahead of 2024_NYPOST

'I'm more political': George Soros, 92, hands reins over to son, Alex, who promises to push more than $1.5BILLION a year to back liberal causes and far-left candidates_DAILYMAIL

White House Says China Has Had Cuba Spy Base Since at Least 2019_WSJ

'Complicit, compliant, corrupt': Sen. Ron Johnson blasts liberal media for ignoring shady Biden family deals_FOXNEWS

EXCLUSIVE: Crashed UFO recovered by the US military 'distorted space and time,' leaving one investigator 'nauseous and disoriented' when he went in and discovered it was much larger inside than out, attorney for whistleblowers reveals_DAILYMAIL

Portion of Interstate 95 collapses in Philadelphia after tanker fire burns under overpass_ABC6

Mass shooting outside Houston club leaves six people injured, including one critical, as gunman opens fire into a crowded parking lot_DAILYMAIL

Port of Seattle closed due to ILWU labor strife_CNBC

Anti-LGBTQ backlash rattles US pride events_AFP

So much for the First Amendment! Christian preacher is ARRESTED for quoting Bible verses at crowd gathered for Pennsylvania Pride event - only for DA to drop case after agreeing cops violated Constitution_DAILYMAIL

Florida anti-LGBTQ laws prompt families who feel unsafe to flee_WAPO

Proposed California bill would brand parents abusive if they refuse to affirm their transgender children's identity - and let social workers take youngsters into care_DAILYMAIL

Target stores in Oklahoma City are EVACUATED following bomb threats after controversy exploded over company's woke LGBTQ clothing lines_DAILYMAIL

Join the military, become a US citizen: Uncle Sam wants you and vous and tu_AP

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ winner arrested for threatening to shoot Florida cop_NYPOST


US capital sputters as federal workers stay home_AFP

Trump Supporters’ Violent Rhetoric in His Defense Disturbs Experts_DNYUZ

Kari Lake Warns Biden, DOJ Will Have to Go Through ‘Card-Carrying Members of the NRA’ to Get to Trump_MEDIAITE

A Strong Trump Indictment—but Is It Strong Enough?_WSJ

Robinhood will end support for 3 tokens named in SEC lawsuits_COINTELEGRAPH

Uber wants to make it 'absolutely effortless' for drivers and passengers to go green_AUTOBLOG

Has federal indictment BROKEN Trump? Viewers blast famously-energetic ex-president over 'low-energy' North Carolina speech, as he faces decades in jail over classified documents charges_DAILYMAIL

Trump stares down criminal jeopardy with bluffs and bluster_WAPO

Trump’s Former AG Bill Barr Lowers the Boom in Stunning Analysis on Fox News Sunday: ‘If Even Half of it is True, He is Toast’_MEDIAITE

Trump Appointee Will Remain Judge in Documents Case, Clerk Says_DNYUZ

Trump-Friendly Judge To Oversee Mar-a-Lago Document Trial, Dealing Potential Blow to Prosecution_VANITYFAIR

Trump case assigned to judge who faced criticism over her ruling in his favor in Mar-a-Lago search_AP

Judge Aileen Cannon Can Absolutely Sink the Federal Prosecution of Trump_SLATE

Trump vows to stay in the race even if convicted_POLITICO

Analysis-Trump faces difficult odds in classified documents case_REUTERS

Trump’s disdain for intelligence rules foretold his indictment_WAPO

Bathroom Reading at Mar-a-Lago_DNYUZ

OJ Simpson Offers Trump Legal Advice: Don’t Talk_MESSENGERPOLITICS

The new abnormal: ‘Unprecedented’ spectacle of Trump charges could become routine by 2024 Read more at:

Britney Spears’ ex Kevin Federline fears she is on crystal meth as family scrambled to help her with failed intervention_USSUN

Canada Wildfires Intensify, Could Last "All Summer”_NDTV

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants to Be President. Cheryl Hines Is Along for the Ride._DNYUZ

Facing threats to his speakership, McCarthy takes a 'YOLO' approach House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has traveled to Israel and the Vatican, hosted Taiwan's president and offered selfies to tourists as conservatives threaten to oust him from his dream job._NBC

  1. G. Sulzberger on the Battles Within and Against the New York Times_NEWYORKER

Boris Johnson's shock exit reverberates through British ruling party_REUTERS

Faecal transplants could play a huge role in future medicine_GUARDIAN

‘A portion of paradise’: how the drought is bringing a lost US canyon back to life_GUARDIAN

PGA Golfers Are Now Told to Love LIV After Forgoing Its Millions_BLOOMBERG

The PGA Tour Says It Couldn’t Afford to Keep Battling Saudi Arabia_WSJ

After shock LIV Golf-PGA merger, what other sports are in the Saudis’ sights?_NYPOST

How Putin has become ‘Little Stalin’ using brutal Soviet tactics from blowing up dam to sending own men to the slaughter_THESUN

Moscow court detains US citizen on drug charges_JERUSALEMPOST

Brittney Griner harassed at Dallas airport, agent calls for ‘enhanced security measures for all players’_CNN

Can a chatbot preach a good sermon? Hundreds attend church service generated by ChatGPT to find out_AP

One of the most dangerous hours in America is now 11 o’clock on Sunday morning_CNN

A Pokémon-Card Crime Spree Jolts Japan_WSJ

'Abusive' husband sent terrifying email to NY mom-of-three claiming he 'will never stop' as he spent $3million to win ugly custody battle weeks before she revealed plans to die by suicide in Switzerland_DAILYMAIL

What would happen if you fell in a black hole? Five gruesome deaths that could happen due to astronomical phenomena, REVEALED_DAILYMAIL lays off real estate team and shutters business unit_TECHCRUNCH

This Surveillance System Tracks Inmates Down to Their Heart Rate_WIRED

The Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers_WIRED

Hyperdimensional Computing Reimagines Artificial Intelligence_WIRED

How AI Could Take Over Elections—And Undermine Democracy_GIZMODO

Comic Book Artist Ian McGinty Has Passed Away at Age 38_GIZMODO

8 Times ‘Deepfake’ Videos Were Actually Real_GIZMODO

Tag Yourself: Here Are the Most Personal Ways Advertisers Target You_GIZMODO


NEWS 6/11/2023 - On this day

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