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On this day in 2023 - 5/9/2023


5/9/2023 - On this day in 2023

One of the big misconceptions about social media is that you are participating or engaging in anything other than confirming your social credit status in relation to other people. You are part of an advertising channel that is sold to the highest bidder and just as you are ‘nudged’ into behaving and thinking a certain way which is confirmed by your participation, you can also be ‘nudged’ into clicking or purchasing things when the platform directs you to do so.

Binance is charging customers $700 more for Bitcoin than everybody else. Bitcoin priced on Binance.US crypto exchange at $700 premium_COINTELEGRAPH


Advertisers presumably want to place their ads in front of high traffic programs, but not during the great reset. Is this the sentiment of the same group that threatened advertisers who advertised during Tucker Carlson Tonight? Did they simply say, ‘OK, you can return to advertising on Fox News now because we decided that it is OK. Interesting commentary on how social engineered advertising channels are developed and controlled. Can’t talk about politics, tech and now you can ad advertising to that list.


As a human you need to reflect on what it is that you actually do in the workspace to earn a paycheck. Is the process that you are following as per your employer benefitting someone? The customer? Or are you simply following instructions and doing whatever you are told while disregarding how your role within the organization contributes to the company’s goals?

Machines are programmed to follow a programmed series of instructions presumably to complete a desired task. Are the set of instructions that you are following in the workspace contributing to a positive customer experience or an in house function that cold not be replicated by a piece of code or a software program? What is your added value or value added? Are you worth more as an asset on which AI can train or do you provide some useful function that a machine cannot?



INDIA? China Finally Has a Rival as the World’s Factory Floor_WSJ - from one tech thief to another


NEWS 5/9/2023 - On this day

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