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On this day in 2023 - 5/8/2023


5/8/2023 - On this day in 2023

‘If you face homelessness due to the pandemic…’

Theme of PPP Loans and Latino Businesses Latino woman SBA.

NFT spinoff from newspaper SCMP gets funded to tokenize historical artifacts_TECHCRUNCH

Google I/O 2023: how to watch and what to expect_THEVERGE

Texas shooting witness describes 'massive trauma' as he helped victims_ABC

FBI nears deadline for subpoena related to alleged Biden bribery scandal_FOXNEWS

Drone footage shows steady stream of migrants entering Texas before Title 42 expiration_NYPOST

The Hidden Costs Of Cybersecurity_FORBES

CNBC Investing Club We’re adding to our position in this manufacturing giant on a post-earnings pullback_CNBC

First Quarter NFT Volumes Outpace Q4 Thanks to Blur Token Airdrop_DECRYPT

Biden faces broad negative ratings at start of campaign, Post-ABC poll finds_WP

Biden’s mental sharpness and physical health doubted, Post-ABC poll shows_WP

SHOCK POLL: Trump Crushing Biden By 7 Points in New ABC/Washington Post Survey_MEDIAITE

Scoop: Tucker Carlson ready to torch Fox News_AXIOS

Tipping at Self-Checkout Has Customers Crying ‘Emotional Blackmail’_WSJ

New cars, once part of the American Dream, now out of reach for many_WP

Homeless Encampments Are Exploding In Size All Over America As Rents Soar And Evictions Surge



California reparations panel OKs state apology, payments_AP

Failure to charge Marine in choke-hold death of Jordan Neely will encourage vigilantes, Sharpton says

Texas Mass Shooter Posted Neo-Nazi Content, FBI Document Reveals

Eight victims believed to be migrants killed when they're struck by a vehicle while waiting at bus stop in a Texas border city_NBC

'We can't afford anything': Turkey's cost-of-living crisis threatens Erdogan's re-election

Cardiologist Arrested on Suspicion of Murder at Berlin Hospital - Police, Prosecutors

Neo-Nazi Texas mall gunman Mauricio Garcia, 33, is security guard with shooter training who was removed from the Army in 2008 over 'mental health' concerns_DAILYMAIL

Doctor 'pulls baby's head off during childbirth while horrified father watches’_DAILYMAIL

'Happy Days' star Scott Baio is leaving California and selling his $3.85M mansion due to rising homelessness and 'rampant' crime in the state - saying 'it's just not a safe place anymore’_DAILYMAIL

NFX’s James Currier: Where unicorn ideas come from and why founders ‘have to keep pivoting’_TECHCRUNCH

Elizabeth Holmes, left to her own devices_TECHCRUNCH


Shrinking unicorns and the embarrassment of meme coins_TECHCRUNCH

NextGen Healthcare says hackers accessed personal data of more than 1 million patients_TECHCRUNCH

mHub opens much bigger facility to kick Chicago startups into high gear


The Global Battle to Regulate AI Is Just Beginning_WIRED

The Data Broker That Targeted Abortion Clinics Landed a US Military Contract_WIRED

Hollywood’s Screenwriters Are Right to Fear AI_WIRED

The Best Sex Toys for Every Body_WIRED


Gizmodo Monday Puzzle: You’ve Been Drinking Your Coffee All Wrong_GIZMODO

NEWS 5/8/2023 - On this day

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