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On this day in 2023 - 5/7/2023


5/7/2023 - On this day in 2023

Texas mall shooting live updates: Eight victims killed at Allen Premium Outlets_DAILYMAIL

Dress down day! Princess of Wales opts for an understated £298 powder blue blazer she attends a Big Lunch in Windsor with Prince William_DAILYMAIL

Space startups need to start preparing for a post-Starship world_TECHCRUNCH

In ‘Love & Death’ and ‘Candy,’ the True Story Doesn’t Always Provide the Truth_INDIEWIRE

Why On Earth Would You Fight ‘Inflation’ With Higher Interest Rates?_FORBES

Arrest made in Mississippi shooting that killed 1, injured 6_ABC


King Charles III crowned with regal pomp, cheers and shrugs_AP

Ukraine war: 'Mad panic' as Russia evacuates town near Zaporizhzhia plant_BBC

A ‘nervousness never seen before’ hits Moscow before Victory Day parades_GUARDIAN

Liz Holmes Wants You to Forget About Elizabeth_DNYUZ

Tech Workers Aren’t as Rich as They Used to Be_WSJ

All-you-can-eat buffet restaurants are back_CNN

California reparations panel OKs state apology, payments

EQUITABLE MATH - California panel approves reparations proposal of up to $1.2 million EACH for black residents... but activists demand more than $200 million at heated public meeting_DAILYMAIL

Protesters jump onto subway tracks, clash with NYPD over Jordan Neely’s death_NYPOST

Failure to charge Marine in choke-hold death of Jordan Neely will encourage vigilantes, Sharpton says

Can a State Flag Be Too ‘Woke’? Some Utahns Say So_WSJ


‘Jaws’ star Richard Dreyfuss slams new Oscars diversity rules_NYPOST

Robert Reich Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Education and Family Life


WGA Strike: DGA Boss Lesli Linka Glatter On “Fighting For Our Future,” Upcoming Studio Negotiations Next Week & Union Solidarity_DEADLINE

Hollywood strikes inflamed by claim AI could do writers' jobs

Republican Arizona Official Has PTSD From Election Deniers_DAILYBEAST

World’s Top AI Researchers Debate the Technology’s Next Steps_WSJ

Tiger Woods is accused of sexual harassment by ex-girlfriend, according to court document_CNN

Dallas suburb mourns after 8 die in outlet mall shooting_AP

First person on scene of Texas mall massacre - in which eight were killed - reveals he felt for little girl's pulse before realizing she had no face and pulled boy out alive from underneath his dead mom who saved his life: Gunman killed by cops_DAILYMAIL

Dallas Police Department computers are still down after the city’s system was attacked by ransomware

A Disaster the Size of Multiple Katrinas Is Building Off Washington’s Coast_POLITICO

Ukraine downs Russian hypersonic missile with US Patriot_AP

How SpaceX set off a new race to commercialise space_ECONOMIST


'I need everybody I got': Hero cop who took down Texas mall shooter made frantic call for backup moments before shooting dead AR-15 armed gunman who killed eight - including children - as FBI raid suspect's home_DAILYMAIL


This Week in Apps: Apple and Google team up on trackers, Google I/O preview, apps hit NewFronts_TECHCRUNCH

Google and OpenAI are Walmarts besieged by fruit stands_TECHCRUNCH

Why Halo is betting on a remote-operated car-sharing service_TECHCRUNCH

Amazon launches free channels, check marks come to Gmail and OpenAI raises more moolah_TECHCRUNCH

This week in tech acronyms: FRB and GPT

A ‘Monumental’ Math Proof Solves the Triple Bubble Problem_WIRED

AI Has a ‘Free Rider’ Problem_GIZMODO

Startup's Proposed Satellite Swarm Would Create 3D Maps of Earth's Entire Surface_GIZMODO


NEWS 5/7/2023 - On this day

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