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On this day in 2023 - 5/3/2023



5/3/2023 - On this day in 2023

Russia claims it foiled Putin assassination attempt by Ukrainian drone: report_NEWPOST

Fed Rate Hike Above 5% Could Imperil PacWest_FORBES

Macrofab’s approach may be key to nearshoring PCB manufacturing in the US_TECHCRUNCH

Fortnite arrives on Amazon Luna today_VERGE

Scientists have developed a new way to fight a nearly untreatable brain cancer_POPULARSCIENCE

New York Passes First-in-Nation Ban on Gas Stoves in New Homes, Apartments_WSJ

ROA Steps Formally With Its New Loafer Silhouette_HYPEBEAST

New York, Berlin Tied for Second Place as 'Most Important Crypto Hub': Survey_DECRYPT

Why the world should celebrate Smallpox Eradication Day_VOX

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Prices Continue to Fluctuate_CARANDDRIVER

Will compromise on anonymous crypto appease US regulators, spur adoption?_COINTELEGRAPH

Inside Microsoft’s surprising push for a right to repair law—and why it matters_POPULARSCIENCE

This Cream Cheese and Olive Sandwich Doesn’t Have to Explain Itself to You_

Kate Bush Will Join the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame a Year After ‘Stranger Things’ Made the Icon a Star Again

Carlson’s Text That Alarmed Fox Leaders: ‘It’s Not How White Men Fight’

Russia Says Shot Down Ukrainian Drones Targeting Putin

Biden and Trump Are Frontrunners for 2024, and Rich Democratic Donors Are Thrilled_YAHOONEWS

Biden seeks to flip the script on ‘freedom’ in 2024_THEHILL

US Regional Banks Slump as Rout Deepens on First Republic Flop_YAHOONEWS

Fed expected to raise key interest rate amid banking turmoil_AP


Two children aged TEN are discovered working unpaid shifts at Kentucky McDonald's, where one illegally used deep fryer and both prepared meals while serving customers_DAILYMAIL

AI ‘Will Cause Real Damage,’ Microsoft Chief Economist Warns_

AI 'godfather' Geoffrey Hinton warns of dangers as he quits Google_BBC

IBM to Pause Hiring for Jobs That AI Could Do

US Navy hires activy-duty drag queen to be face of recruitment drive_NYPOST

Picket lines in Hollywood as writers go on strike_YAHOONEWS

Writers begin strike in move that could bring Hollywood to a halt

As Writers Strike, Will Viewers Notice?_HOLLYWOODREPORTER


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard seizes tanker in Strait of Hormuz_AP

Next frontier in France’s protests: Fake Olympic volunteers_AP

Republicans aim to disrupt general election debates amid Trump complaints_

Trump may skip the first GOP primary debates_NBC

Trump, irritated by questions about Manhattan probe, sought reporter’s removal_WP

Cable News Ratings Monday May 1: MSNBC Tops Fox News in Prime Time_MEDIAITE

Moment man 'who was heard ranting he wanted to kill the King' is arrested for 'throwing shotgun cartridges into Buckingham Palace grounds' - before controlled explosion rocks residence days before Coronation_DAILYMAIL

ROYAL INVITE King Charles coronation latest — Famous faces attending historic ceremony revealed including Ant & Dec, Dynamo and more_USSUN

‘Not My King’ protests are now the norm at King Charles III’s events_WP

World Press Freedom Day Is Marked by Rising Threats Against Reporters_WSJ

Musk Threatens to Reassign NPR’s Twitter Handle in Ongoing Feud_YAHOOFINANCE

Google clashes with Brazil over disinformation bill_YAHOONEWS

Big Tech-funded groups try to kill bills to protect children online

Fungal attacks threaten global food supply, say experts_GUARDIAN

Jeffrey Epstein Documents, Part 2: Dinners With Lawrence Summers and Movie Screenings With Woody Allen_WSJ

Biden administration approves sending 1,500 US troops to Mexico border as Title 42 deadline looms: sources_FOXNEWS

US man, 79, beaten to death in Mexico while delivering donations to the poor_GUARDIAN

Wife of Texas man accused of killing 5 neighbors among several arrested after manhunt_NEWS

Nordstrom shuts down BOTH stores in crime-ridden San Francisco - as Target locks entire product range behind security glass and Whole Foods store is shuttered_DAILYMAIL

Autopsy shows tech exec Bob Lee consumed alcohol, cocaine and ketamine before he was killed_NBC

Three brutal stabbings spark fears of serial killer in Davis

Black Californians could receive up to $1.2 million in reparations payments, task force says

Apple and Google aim to expose Bluetooth tracker abuse

300 arrested in global crackdown on dark web drug market_AP

Bolsonaro home searched as Brazil probes fake vaccine cards_AP



Regional banks plunge in value by up to 45% as shockwaves from First Republic's collapse shake markets_DAILYMAIL

Iran seizes its second oil tanker in a week: US Navy reveals footage of Tehran's vessels surrounding the ship in Strait of Hormuz_DAILYMAIL

Has Russia carried out a FALSE FLAG 'assassination attempt' on Putin? Ukraine denies Kremlin strike drone was theirs - as Moscow rages Kyiv 'must now be DESTROYED’_DAILYMAIL


Google now lets you access your account with passkeys rather than passwords_TECHCRUNCH

Stripe, a longtime partner of Lyft, signs a big deal with Uber_TECHCRUNCH

Match says it’s ‘very possible’ Apple-Epic ruling could result in App Store fee relief_TECHCRUNCH

Microsoft launches Pegasus program for startups, awarding up to $350,000 in credits_TECHCRUNCH

Fandom launches new creator initiative and invests in more original video content_TECHCRUNCH

Reddit enhances link embeds and adds more sharing functions on iOS and Android_TECHCRUNCH

Nova is building guardrails for generative AI content to protect brand integrity_TECHCRUNCH

Down rounds are prevailing as power shifts to VCs again_TECHCRUNCH


Researchers See Through a Mouse's Eyes by Decoding Brain Signals_GIZMODO

NEWS 5/3/2023 - On this day

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