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On this day in 2023 - 5/18/2023


5/18/2023 - On this day in 2023

Perfect Pins-cess! Kate shows a peek of her incredibly toned legs in elegant £3,000 Suzannah dress as she visits the Anna Freud Centre to mark Mental Health Awareness Week_DAILYMAIL

Percent lands $30M investment to connect investors with private credit_TECHCRUNCH

Ukraine live briefing: Missile attack again jolts Kyiv; Patriot system still operational, U.S. says_WP

China's loans pushing world’s poorest countries to brink of collapse_ABC

Burnout: The Unspoken Toll Of Rising Cybercrime_FORBES

Alibaba plans to list cloud division as quarterly revenue misses expectations_CNBC

Seniors got COVID tests they didn't order in Medicare scam. Could more fraud follow?_NPR

I Rode the World's First Autonomous Public Bus Service_CNET

Astronomers identify volcano-covered planet that could have water on its surface_ENGADGET

Mapping Arctic Foxes’ Spectacular Solo Journeys_SCIENTIFICAMERICAN


Drudge Reports Hannity to Replace Tucker in Major Shake Up — Fox News Responds_MEDIAITE

DeSantis signs bills targeting drag shows, transgender kids and the use of bathrooms and pronouns_AP

DeSantis plans to officially enter presidential race next week_WP

American Workers Testing Positive for Marijuana Reaches 25-Year Record_WSJ

US Republican transgender laws pile up, setting 2024 battle lines_REUTERS

Civil-rights group issues Florida travel alert in response to DeSantis immigration crackdown_MIAMIHERALD

Revealed: Vladimir Putin's secret Black Sea bunker_INSIDER

Wealthy Homebuyers Are Flocking to Puerto Rico_WSJ

8-year-old girl dies in Border Patrol custody in Harlingen, Texas, as agency seeks to ease crowding_AP

Supreme Court to Rule on Affirmative Action, Student Debt and Internet Companies’ Liability_WSJ

Trust in Supreme Court fell to lowest point in 50 years after abortion decision, poll shows_AP

Appeals court appears likely to restrict access to key abortion pill_WP

Fresh blackout threats emerge as power grid faces a stressful summer_WP

Military Caught Airman Mishandling Secrets Before Arrest but Left Him in Job_DNYUZ

Martin Scorsese: “I’m Old. I Want to Tell Stories, and There’s No More Time”_VANITYFAIR

‘Indiana Jones’ debut is one of the most anticipated moments at Cannes Film Festival_AP

Hollywood’s Oldest Super Agent Isn’t Retiring Anytime Soon At 90, CAA’s Fred Specktor spends his days orchestrating the careers of A-list actors and looking for new talent: ‘You still need movie stars’_WSJ

Big Paydays for Media’s Big Chiefs: CEO Compensation Stays High Even in Hard Times_VARIETY

Bankruptcy blitz highlights the end of the easy-money era_AXIOS

The internet’s memory is fading in front of us. Preserve what you can._WP

Kaitlan Collins, Moderator of Trump Forum, Is Named CNN’s 9 P.M. Anchor_DNYUZ

CNN names Kaitlan Collins, 31, as new anchor of coveted 9pm slot a week after Trump town hall_DAILYMAIL

Adidas is accused of trying 'to erase' women by using biological male model with hairy chest and bulging crotch for its WOMEN'S swimwear line during Pride Month - one month after Nike paid Dylan Mulvaney to model sports bra_DAILYMAIL

Large U.S. cities regain population lost during pandemic, census data shows_WP

NYC is sinking under the weight of its buildings, geologists warn_NEWYORKPOST

Surf’s up! Florida’s St. George Island beach named nation’s best in annual ranking_AP

Target expects organized retail crime-fueled losses to jump by $500 million this year_CNBC


Penguin Random House, its authors and Florida parents sue school district for violating the First Amendment by removing books dealing with race and LGBTQ issues_DAILYMAIL

Disgusting moment it rains white WORMS in India: Road is left covered in a 'thick layer' of the bugs after bizarre scenes like a biblical plague_DAILYMAIL

Biden WON'T apologize for Hiroshima atomic bomb during Japan visit: White House says trip is about the 'future' and he will visit memorial to pay respects to up to 140,000 lives lost_DAILYMAIL

NYC Mayor Eric Adams vows to crack down on retail thefts that are costing businesses MILLIONS and have risen 40% in the Big Apple - 327 repeat offenders responsible have been arrested on average 22 times each_DAILYMAIL

Is your phone unlocking itself? It might have been HACKED via a terrifying new technique called 'GhostTouch', experts warn_DAILYMAIL


Elon Musk used to say he put $100M in OpenAI, but now it’s $50M: Here are the receipts_TECHCRUNCH

Telecoms Giant BT Will Cut 55,000 Jobs By 2030—And Replace Thousands Of Roles With AI_FORBES

AI-Generated Tax Scams Can Look A Lot Like They Came From The IRS_FORBES

The Post Office Is Spying on the Mail. Senators Want to Stop It_WIRED

The Daring Robot Surgery That Saved a Man’s Life_WIRED

AI Specialist Is the Fastest-Growing Job of 2023_GIZMODO


ai recruiting_verge

AI recruiting hiring_wired


NEWS 5/18/2023 - On this day

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