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On this day in 2023 - 5/16/2023


5/16/2023 - On this day in 2023

Why 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is both the savior and the scourge of the smart home_VERGE

Germany: 5 sentenced to prison for 100-million-euro jewelry heist_ABC

Shocking video shows US soldier appearing to let migrants onto private property in Texas_NYPOST

OpenAI CEO wows lawmakers at closed dinner: ‘Fantastic…forthcoming’_CNBC

Crypto community responds to US democrats backing SEC’s crypto authority_COINTELEGRAPH

Mercedes-Benz's VAN.EA Platform Will Underpin New Vans Starting In 2026_CARANDDRIVER


Bombshell lawsuit accuses Rudy Giuliani of sexual harassment, wage theft and more_CBS

Woman sues Rudy Giuliani, saying he coerced her into sex, owes her $2 million in unpaid wages_AP

Bombshell lawsuit accuses Rudy Giuliani of demanding employee perform oral sex while he talked to Trump on the phone_DAILYNEWS

Cable News Ratings Friday May 12: CNN Prime Time Viewership Drops Below Newsmax_MEDIAITE

Rudy Giuliani said he and Trump were selling pardons for $2m apiece, ex-aide claims_THEINDEPENDENT

Georgia prosecutor fights back against Trump attempt to remove her from election probe_AP

Pulaski County teacher suspended after student dressed as KKK member for history project_WDKY

Colorado driver tries switching places with dog to avoid DUI_DAILYNEWS

Rural America dreams of secession in eastern Oregon

Former Silicon Valley Bank CEO says no bank could have survived what it faced_WP

Views of U.S. Housing Market Reach New Depths

Home Depot Projects First Annual Sales Decline Since 2009_WSJ

Ukraine Thwarts Russian Missile Barrage

Humiliation for Putin’s ‘Unstoppable’ Superweapons Blasted Out of Sky by U.S. Defense System

Turkish Election Goes to Runoff After Erdogan Takes Lead in First Round_WSJ

Microsoft Says New A.I. Shows Signs of Human Reasoning_DNYUZ

ChatGPT’s Sam Altman Faces Senate Panel Examining Artificial Intelligence_WSJ

AI songwriting is not a sin, says Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys_GUARDIAN

A lonely nation: Has the notion of the ‘American way’ promoted isolation across history?_AP

Post-9/11 wars have contributed to some 4.5 million deaths, report suggests_WP

‘Karma Is a Bitch’: Roger Ailes’ Widow Goes Off on Fox News Woes_DAILYBEAST

Inside Tucker Carlson’s Battle to Trade His $20 Million Fox News Salary for a Twitter Show (EXCLUSIVE)_VARIETY

CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy fears he will be FIRED by boss Chris Licht who 'put the fear of God' into him in one-on-one meeting after he slammed the network for hosting Trump town hall_DAILYMAIL

U.S. Virgin Islands issued subpoena to Elon Musk in Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit_CNBC

Salman Rushdie warns free expression under threat in rare public address after attack_AP

Move over, U.S. dollar. China wants to make the yuan the global currency_WP

China says ready to ‘smash’ Taiwan self-rule as US prepares major arms package, sends advisers_AP

Ancient tablet found on Mount Ebal predates known Hebrew inscriptions_JERUSALEMPOST

Your DNA Can Now Be Pulled From Thin Air. Privacy Experts Are Worried_DNYUZ

Officials say social media is hurting teens. Scientists say it’s complicated._WP

L.A. dispensaries openly sell 'magic mushrooms' as state weighs decriminalization_LATIMES

PR exec who called Trump a 'mad man' was behind false 'golden showers' claims: Durham report reveals Donald never stayed in Moscow suite at center of salacious story - and how FBI wanted to keep paying Steele dossier source $300K AFTER he lied_DAILYMAIL

'This is idiotic on so many levels': Elon Musk slams US Virgin Islands for trying to serve him subpoena over lawsuit into JPMorgan's ties to Jeffrey Epstein - as he blasts pedophile as a 'cretin who never advised me on anything’_DAILYMAIL

IRS removes ENTIRE team probing Hunter Biden's tax returns, as whistleblower claims move is retaliation after he accused agency of working to cover-up first son's financial ‘crimes'_DAILYMAIL

Female Army officer on active duty in Chicago says a squatter with a long criminal history for guns, drugs and theft has moved into her $500,000 Atlanta home and refuses to move out_DAILYMAIL


NewLimit, cofounded by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, raises $40M to extend life_TECHCRUNCH

Apple reveals new accessibility features, like custom text-to-speech voices_TECHCRUNCH

Sanctuary AI’s new humanoid robot stands 5’7″ and lifts 55 lb_TECHCRUNCH

Autonomous Worlds Aim to Free Online Games From Corporate Control_WIRED

This Is Catfishing on an Industrial Scale_WIRED

The Curious Case of the Missing Google Assistant_WIRED

The Fanfic Sex Trope That Caught a Plundering AI Red-Handed_WIRED

The UK’s Secretive Web Surveillance Program Is Ramping Up_WIRED

Watch Congress Grill the Creator of ChatGPT_GIZMODO

Twitter, Company That Doesn't Pay Its Bills, Acquires Job Search Startup Laskie_GIZMODO


NEWS 5/16/2023 - On this day

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