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On this day in 2023 - 5/15/2023


5/15/2023 - On this day in 2023

Fox Has No Fall Schedule but CEO Says Network ‘Prepared Very Well’ for WGA Strike_INDIEWIRE

Binance is banking big on M&A and VC deals_BINANCE

Vice Files for Bankruptcy, Prepares for $225 Million Sale_GIZMODO


Turkey presidential election will go to runoff as Erdogan performs better than expected_AP

With barbed wire and warnings, migrants stopped at US-Mexico border_REUTERS

Border Crossings Fall 50%, Easing Fear of US Migration Surge_BLOOMBERG

TSA tests facial recognition technology to boost airport security_AP

China sentences 78-year-old US citizen to life in prison on spying charges_AP

Biden calls white supremacy greatest terrorism threat as 2024 race heats up_WAPO

White supremacy group Patriot Front march on Washington D.C. drumming and chanting 'life, liberty and victory' just weeks after protesting devil-worshipping convention ‘SatanCon'_DAILYMAIL

The transgender Indonesian Muslims trying to secure their future_BBC

Florida rejects Holocaust textbooks in clampdown on 'woke'...JERUSALEMPOST

The biggest startup flameouts of the last decade_AXIOS

Before His Killing, Tech Executive Bob Lee Led an Underground Life of Sex and Drugs_WSJ

In 'crazy' coincidence, 2 quakes occur second apart on different faults, jostling San Diego...

Holidaymakers will be able to fly from London to Sydney in just TWO HOURS within 10 years - but they'll have to go via space_DAILYMAIL

What 10 American cities will look like in 2050, predicted by AI: asks software to imagine future cities - and they are filled with flying cars, solar power and lush vegetation_DAILYMAIL

Entering the singularity: Has AI reached the point of no return?_THEHILL

The Hottest Online Game: Hunting for Classified Documents_WSJ

Stained glass window shows Jesus Christ with dark skin, stirring questions about race in New England_AP

'Did your brain fall out of your head?' Free speech warrior Elon Musk defends move to 'censor' Twitter in Turkey ahead of controversial presidential election

Raw videos of violent incidents in Texas rekindle debate about graphic images_WAPO

Farmers Set to Abandon US Wheat Crops at Highest Rate Since 1917

Low fertility rates, high housing prices mean fewer children in most states

Cannes Boss Thierry Fremaux Confronts Johnny Depp Backlash, Rejects Claim That ‘It’s A Festival for Rapists’_VARIETY

Cannes braces for stars and protests

The Luddites of Hollywood

'World's oldest lion' dies after being speared to death in Kenyan wildlife park


Will she EVER do any time? Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes spends Mother's Day at her $9M beachfront home with her kids and partner who shower her with gifts - after start date for her 11-year jail sentence was pushed back_DAILYMAIL

Ex-CIA chief admitted that the 'Dirty 51' letter 'WAS political' as agency conspired with Biden campaign to produce it and falsely claim emails on Hunter Biden's laptop were Russian disinformation_DAILYMAIL

Burglars beware! Scientists have found a way to collect human DNA from almost anywhere - including water and the AIR_DAILYMAIL

Mysterious tremors rock Danish island of Bornholm near Nord Stream explosion site_DAILYMAIL

Two women in New York are diagnosed with first US cases of a highly contagious drug-resistant fungal infection that has reached 'epidemic proportions' in South Asia_DAILYMAIL

Look up! Star 150 TRILLION miles from Earth will shine as a spectacular blue dot in the night sky all this month - and here is how YOU can see it_DAILYMAIL

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree: How Kate Winslet's Doppelgänger daughter Mia followed in the Titanic star's acting steps... WITHOUT being a nepo baby (according to her mum!)_DAILYMAIL

Cybercriminals who targeted Ukraine are actually Russian government hackers, researchers say_TECHCRUNCH

The Fanfic Sex Trope That Caught a Plundering AI Red-Handed_WIRED

This Is the Quietest Sound in the Universe_WIRED

Unfair Automated Hiring Systems Are Everywhere_WIRED

Google Doesn’t Need You to Buy Its Folding Phone_WIRED

You’re Probably Underestimating AI Chatbots_WIRED

Doug Rushkoff Is Ready to Renounce the Digital Revolution_WIRED

Why Suicide Rates Are Dropping Around the World_WIRED

The UK’s Secretive Web Surveillance Program Is Ramping Up_WIRED


YouTuber Who Built Tricorder That's Better Than the Official Ones Explains How it Works_GIZMODO

You Can Now Join the Waitlist for Telly’s Free Data-Harvesting TVs


NEWS 5/15/2023 - On this day

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