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On this day in 2023 - 5/13/2023


5/13/2023 - On this day in 2023

Crypto Biz: Ripple’s expensive battle, Bittrex bankruptcy and a new blockchain network_COINTELEGRAPH

1 dead, multiple injured following possible tornado in Rio Grande Valley: NWS_ABC

13 Books We Read This Week_WSJ

Apple’s AirTags are available at a rare discount_VERGE


This Messy-Bun Hack Is a Game-Changer For People With Fine Hair_POPSUGAR

Rarely Discounted Crocs and Accessories Are Up to 40% Off_CNET

The One Thing to Take Design Risks with, According to a Real Estate Agent_APARTMENTTHERAPY

South Africa summons US ambassador over his claims it is arming Russia_GUARDIAN

Fear and confusion, but not chaos, along the southern border after Title 42 ends_NPR


Pope Francis meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the Vatican_AP

Erdogan leads prayers on eve of fight for political life

Recession? Corporate America’s Earnings Say It’s Already Arrived

Meteorologists targeted in climate misinfo surge

Title 42 ends with migrants lined up and border cities braced for the unknown

530,000 migrants illegally sneaked into US since October, border chief admits_NYPOST

Teen migrant boy dies while in government custody in Florida_NYPOST

Border Patrol union rips ‘corrupt’ Biden administration for worst crisis ‘ever seen at our border’_NYPOST

Border Patrol union rips ‘corrupt’ Biden administration for worst crisis ‘ever seen at our border’_NYPOST

Monkeypox, now known as mpox, showing signs of return_WP

Live From Twitter, It’s the Elon Musk Show. Next Up, a New CEO and Tucker Carlson._WSJ

Cat and dog torture videos litter Twitter, adding to concerns about moderation_NBC

Will Linda Yaccarino turn Twitter into a dating site?

The Wildest Fitness Trend is Jumping Like a Bunny_WSJ

DragCon returns to L.A. in celebration as queens fight to keep their culture_LATIMES

Possible miracle at Connecticut church being investigated by the Vatican

Vatican experts uncovering gilded glory of Hercules statue struck by lightning_AP

DeSantis and Trump will look to sway Iowa GOP activists at dueling events_AP

Miami’s mayor mulls a White House run_POLITICO

Young Voters on Biden: ‘He’s Just So Old’ Students lose enthusiasm because of president’s age, performance in office_WSJ

When Fox News Turns On Its Own Tucker Carlson’s allies can’t believe this is happening to them._INTELLIGENCER

Texts Show Tucker Carlson Wanted to Intimidate Fox Staffers Over Election Coverage: ‘I’m Happy to Start Threatening People Individually’_MEDIAITE

Power is the ability to lie and screw people over from a high profile public position and not face any consequences

DISTURBING FIND Body found in Arby’s freezer in New Iberia, Louisiana in horror discovery made by restaurant employees_USSUN

‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ Is Toxic Behind the Scenes, Staffers Say_ROLLINGSTONE

Jordan Neely Was on New York’s ‘Top 50’ List of Homeless People at Risk_DNYUZ

An Erdogan Loss in Turkey Would Stir Relief in the West and Anxiety in Moscow_DNYUZ

Violence Between Israel and Islamic Jihad Outlasts Their Previous Clashes_DNYUZ

Rockets pummel Israel's south, IDF strikes Gaza targets_JERUSALEMPOST

TikTok Feeds Teens a Diet of Darkness Self-harm, sad-posting and disordered-eating videos abound on the popular app_WSJ

Ex-ByteDance Executive Accuses Company of ‘Lawlessness’_DNYUZ

Google Unveils Plan to Demolish the Journalism Industry Using AI_FUTURISM

Remote work comes with daytime drug and drinking habits_HINDUSTANTIMES

Criminal investigation into Sen. Bob Menendez expands with new subpoenas_NBC


ABC 7 anchor Ken Rosato is 'immediately fired' over 'hot mic comment' after 20 years at the station - as his agent slaps down claims he used a racial slur_DAILYMAIL

Julia Fox brands herself 'high class white trash' as she steps out in LA wearing UNDERWEAR in lieu of pants_DAILYMAIL

These are the five things most likely to turn men off in the bedroom, writes SAMANTHA X, this is how you can use it to your advantage_DAILYMAIL



Autonomous delivery startup Nuro to lay off 30% of workforce_TECHCRUNCH

AWS announces new version of Aurora database that strips out I/O costs_TECHCRUNCH

The debate happening inside of every VC firm_TECHCRUNCH

Google makes its text-to-music AI public_TECHCRUNCH

NEWS 5/13/2023 - On this day

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