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On this day in 2023 - 4/9/2023



4/9/2023 - On this day in 2023

In the new normal for VC, builders will win_TECHCRUNCH

There’s No Such Thing As An ‘Interest Rate’_FORBES

Apple CEO Tim Cook shares one of Steve Jobs’ best ‘innovation’ tricks: It’s ‘one of the things I loved about him’

John Regan, Bassist Who Played With Peter Frampton, Ace Frehley, Dead at 71_ROLLINGSTONE

James Mangold Gives Update on Timothée Chalamet-Starring Bob Dylan Biopic_ROLLINGSTONE

'CAN YOU.. READ..?': Merchandizer shuts down annoying dumbfounded customer

Where’s the AI Culture War?_ATLANTIC

Don't Play Poker With ChatGPT_GIZMODO

Secure a future career in IT with this $48 course bundle_POPULARSCIENCE


Police in Northern Ireland disrupt plan for a terror attack to overshadow President Joe Biden's visit this week amid fresh warnings of violence_DAILYMAIL

Intelligence leak exposes U.S. spying on adversaries and allies_WP

Leaked Documents Reveal Depth of U.S. Spy Efforts and Russia’s Military Struggles_DNYUZ

Why Leaked Pentagon Documents Are Still Circulating on Social Media_DNYUZ

Texas Gov. Abbott vows to pardon Army sergeant convicted of killing BLM protester_NYPOST

Ilhan Omar embarks on new path no longer defined by ‘firsts’_AP

First anti-aging pills to hit shelves in 2028, expert predicts - as Silicone Valley races to conquer death_DAILYMAIL

Could you live forever? Experts claim humans could achieve IMMORTALITY by 2030 - and one futurist even says we'll be able to attend our own FUNERALS in a new body_DAILYMAIL

Six shot at Isle of Palms beach in Charleston, South Carolina as huge brawl & shooting sends terrified visitors running_USSUN

Ready for launch: the mission to find alien life on Jupiter’s icy moons_GUARDIAN

Pope Francis returns to public eye for Easter vigil Mass_NBC

Predictions about the decline of Christianity in America may be premature_CNN

Putin prepares for an invasion of Crimea: Beaches are covered with trenches and tank traps to repel an amphibious landing as Zelensky 'prepares spring offensive’_DAILYMAIL

Ukraine Says Russia Is Preparing to Evacuate Civilians From Occupied Areas of South_DNYUZ

Soldiers Make Secret Pact to ‘Destroy’ Putin’s Empire From Within_DAILYBEAST

Abortion was a 50/50 issue. Now, it’s Republican quicksand_POLITICO

Access to abortion pill in limbo after competing rulings_AP

Tennessee becomes new front in battle for American democracy_AP

‘I was screaming before you interrupted me’: American politics has become amplified rage_THEHILL

A dizzying, divisive week in politics spotlights America’s raging battle_WP

New report outlines the deep political polarization’s slow and steady march_WP

US Bank Lending Slumps by Most on Record in Final Weeks of March

Paul Singer, the Man Who Saw the Economic Crises Coming_WSJ

I may have found the most expensive McDonald’s ‘value’ meals in the country – here’s the proof_USSUN

Inside the international sting operation to catch North Korean crypto hackers_CNN

Son of George Soros scoring easy White House access, records show_NYPOST

Burglars cut hole in neighboring shop's wall to steal 436 iPhones from Apple Store

Engineers for Meta’s troubled metaverse reportedly paid ‘mind-boggling’ sums

America Is Back in the Factory Business_WSJ

China simulates hitting 'key targets' on Taiwan_BBC

China Gears Up for Cognitive Warfare

China’s Repeated Detention of Japanese Citizens Raises Tensions_WSJ

Israel says its fighter jets have hit a Syrian military compound_CNN

Hezbollah, Hamas heads meet, promise further 'resistance' against Israel

Tensions build around Jerusalem shrine after Syria rockets_AP

US deploys guided-missile submarine amid tensions with Iran_AP

French Director and Johnny Depp Collaborator Maiwenn Sued for Assaulting Journalist_VARIETY

Beyond Asthma: Designing Inhaled Drugs to Fight More Diseases_WSJ

2 men shot and killed near beach in Mexican resort of Acapulco_CBS

American mechanic kidnapped in Mexico; FBI offering $10K reward for info in case_NYPOST

Once everywhere, Saddam's image scrubbed from Baghdad


End of care doctors reveal the most common things they hear from patients during their final words_DAILYMAIL

New York woman who was more than six months pregnant says a police traffic stop caused her miscarriage - but cops claim she had fentanyl and methamphetamine in her system as they release bodycam footage_DAILYMAIL

Bill Barr says Democrats are intentionally emboldening Trump's base with indictment to ensure he's the 2024 GOP nominee 'because he is the weakest of the Republican candidates’_DAILYMAIL

Masters organizers expect to rake in $70M in merch sales at the gift shop during tournament week... with even the players and their families dropping thousands on Augusta-branded gifts_DAILYMAIL

AOC calls on Biden to spark constitutional crisis by IGNORING ruling banning abortion pill and accuses Texas judge of 'making a mockery of the system’_DAILYMAIL

Never-before-seen photos take you inside the doomed USS Thresher - the world's first nuclear-powered submarine to be lost at sea in a devastating accident that claimed 129 lives_DAILYMAIL

The man who sells you LION for dinner: Exotic meat vendor who offers everything from 'A to Zebra' insists customers love his offerings - but won't say who they are for their safety_DAILYMAIL

LIV Golf's Jason Kokrak SLAMS Augusta officials for their treatment of legend Sandy Lyle at his last Masters... after storm forced 1988 champion off the 18th green - and he was made to come back and putt the next day!_DAILYMAIL


We’re still talking about Y Combinator valuations_TECHCRUNCH

Selling insurance is hard, but that’s not bad news for insurtechs_TECHCRUNCH

TechCrunch+ roundup: YC Demo Day faves, thrift shop VCs, cybersecurity product challenges_TECHCRUNCH

Tesla’s strategy to fuel EV sales? Keep cutting prices_TECHCRUNCH

a16z will ‘continue to tailor’ its multibillion-dollar crypto funds to market opportunities, GP says_TECHCRUNCH

How to manage uncertainty with Habi and Inspired Capital on TechCrunch Live_TECHCRUNCH

If you’ve raised venture capital, you have to pay yourself_TECHCRUNCH


Swipe Right On Your 1040EZ: Inside The ‘Tax Heaven 3000’ Dating Sim_FORBES

This Week's Biggest Billionaire Loser: Elon Musk's Fortune Plunges $15 Billion As Other Tech Titans Rake It In_FORBES



The ‘Manhattan Project’ Theory of Generative AI_WIRED

Everything You Should Know About the New MoviePass_WIRED

The Arctic’s Permafrost-Obsessed Methane Detectives_WIRED

The Big Bang’s Afterglow Reveals Invisible Cosmic Structures_WIRED

How to Use Karaoke Mode on Apple Music, Spotify, and More_SPOTIFY

Review: BenQ Mobiuz OLED Gaming Monitor_WIRED

The Best TV Streaming Devices for Cord Cutters_WIRED

Security News This Week: Popular Chinese Shopping App Pinduoduo Is Laced With Malware_WIRED

Don't Play Poker With ChatGPT_GIZMODO


Elon Musk Decides NPR Is Not State Propaganda After All_GIZMODO

Amazon Bans Flipper Zero, Claiming It Violates Policy Against Card Skimming Devices

E Ink's New Color E-Paper Looks Almost as Good as LCD Screens_GIZMODO


OnlyFans Actress Filmed Sex Act at Ancient Colombian Landmark, Sparking Outrage_GIZMODO

The Short Life and Humiliating Death of the Clipper Chip_GIZMODO


NEWS 4/9/2023 - On this day

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