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On this day in 2023 - 4/5/2023



4/5/2023 - On this day in 2023


Tornado live updates: At least 4 dead in Missouri as threat torments US_ABC

Substack’s new short-form ‘Notes’ feed looks a lot like Twitter_TECHCRUNCH

Vince McMahon WWE Return Inspires ‘Fire Vince’ Movement From Furious Fans_FORBES

How the Cinematography of ‘John Wick 4’ Makes an Action Flick Look Like an Arthouse Film_INDIEWIRE

A Latvian rescuer who saved countless lives during World War II_ATLASOBSCURA

How paranoid Vladimir Putin has identical offices to try to foil assassins: Russian President claims to be in one mansion when he is actually thousands of miles away - and sends out fake motorcades to fool foreign spies_DAILYMAIL

U.S. Oil and Fuel Inventories Decline Across the Board_WSJ

In Denouncing Charges, Trump Repeats Familiar Grievances_NYT

Notes from meticulous medieval monks could illuminate this scientific wonder_POPULARSCIENCE

Do You Tip Every Time You’re Asked?_LIFEHACKER

Scientists Have Spotted Unprecedented Black Holes in the Early Universe_VICE

Scientists Solve Major Mystery of Powerful Energy Beams Pointed at Earth_VICE


A New 'Dark Energy' Discovery Might Have Just Revolutionized Our Idea of the Universe_VICE

Ripples in Spacetime Are Passing Through You Right Now. This Mission Will Reveal Their Secrets._VICE

Sensors Deep Under Antarctic Ice Located a Source of ‘Ghost Particles’ from Space_VICE

'Truly Bizarre': Scientists Discover Ancient Galaxies That Should Not Exist_VICE

Black boxes recovered from 2 Black Hawk helicopters that killed 9 soldiers in crash_ABC

Flight data recorders found after deadly Black Hawk crash_ABC


The 2023 Mercedes-AMG C 43 Starts at $61,050, Gets Standard Rear-Steer_JALOPNIK

White Sox OF Eloy Jiménez Placed on 10-Day IL with Hamstring Injury_

The New Inkey List Sunscreen Replaced Almost Everything In My Routine_REFINERY29

The Twitter Menswear Guy Spotted an Orange Makeup Stain on Trump’s Suit_GIZMODO

Criminal marketplace Genesis seized by FBI in larger fight against state-backed cybercrime_CNBC

Amazon Halo Rise review: An unobtrusive bedside sleep tracker that’s surprisingly helpful_ENGADGET

Ohio man confesses to fatally shooting his friend by ‘accident’_NYPOST

A Judge Asked Trump to Chill. Trump Mocked the Judge’s Wife.

Ethereum’s ERC-4337 Standard: A Game-Changing, User-Friendly Innovation_DECRYPT

Unsealed Trump indictment on 34 felony counts details yearslong ‘catch and kill’ scheme_NYPOST

Trump Calls to Defund the Police After His Own Arrest_MEDIAITE


Posted on Drudge 4/5/2023 - article from 3/20/2023 -

Trump rape defamation trial postponed, judge rejects E. Jean Carroll cases consolidation_CNBC

KNIFE HORROR Bob Lee dead at 43: Mystery as Cash App founder and tech executive stabbed to death in San Francisco in savage attack_USSUN

'KILLED BY MOULD' Man, 27, dies in ‘heavily mould-infested home’ – as cops launch probe over link between filthy house and death

Fortune of world’s richest person Bernard Arnault tops $200bn

NEWS 4/5/2023 - On this day

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