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On this day in 2023 - 4/4/2023


4/4/2023 - On this day in 2023


Trump to appear in NYC court today on unprecedented indictment_NYPOST

Amazon wants to boost ten generative AI startups around the globe_TECHCRUNCH

Riot Police, Bomb-Sniffing Dogs, and Extremists: A Drag Queen Story Hour in America_VICE

Euler Finance Exploiter Returns All ‘Recoverable Funds’ From $200M Hack_DECRYPT

Macron heads to China for delicate talks on Ukraine, trade_ABC

Ripple Lawsuit By SEC Influenced By JP Morgan? FOIA Request Further Delayed

Lithium Prices Are Down, Cheaper Batteries and EVs Could Follow_WSJ

2024 Toyota Tacoma_CARANDDRIVER

2024 Toyota Tacoma getting hybrid power_

How Trump Is Negotiating the Details of His Indictment to Maximize the Drama_TIME

Trump returns to New York to face historic criminal charges_AP

Trump indictment live updates: Judge makes ruling on cameras in the courtroom for historic Trump arraignmen_NYPOST

Exclusive: Trump to be charged Tuesday with 34 felony counts, but spared handcuffs and mug shot

Trump, Trump, Trump -- US TV turns to old habits

Trump’s trial could be televised under new Albany bill_NYPOST

Trump’s Big Mouth Could Send Him to Jail_VICE

Behind Trump Indictment, the Right Wing Finds a Familiar Villain in Soros_DNYUZ

Trump faces setbacks in other probes as NY case proceeds_AP

Secret limits to stop ‘suspicious’ Xanax and Adderall orders are forcing some legitimate patients to scramble_FORTUNE

As Book Bans Gain Favor, Some Say Libraries Could Go

Political polarization is sorting colleges into red and blue schools

Dems dump 500 pages of DeSantis opposition research_AXIOS

Disney CEO Bob Iger Calls “Retaliation” By Gov. Ron DeSantis “Not Only Anti-Business But Anti-Florida”

Liz Cheney 2024 chances jump after Trump indictment_WASHINGTONEXAMINER

Jamie Dimon says the banking crisis is not over and will cause ‘repercussions for years to come’_CNBC

California's snowpack is among the deepest ever. Now get ready for the perilous 'big melt'

Hurricane Ian hit Cat 5 in Gulf, was Florida’s most expensive storm. Official final numbers

Spiraling housing prices spark worry about Hawaii’s future_AP

Indiana Jones 5 to premiere at Cannes Film Festival

Google to cut down on employee laptops, services and staplers for ‘multi-year’ savings_CNBC

How mobile phones have changed our brains_BBC

DEADLY MOVE Putin blogger ‘signed his own death warrant’ with horrifying twist of fate before being blown up by ‘TNT-laden statue’

The greatest space network in history is about to come crashing down to earth

Scientologists to rule on abuse claims against their church, judge says

How Trump's date with history will play out: Former president will travel from Trump Tower penthouse to Manhattan courthouse for booking, fingerprints and historic hearing - then back to Mar-a-Lago for speech to decry case

Florida police fear serial killer is on the loose after THREE teens are shot dead: Girl is found in dumpster, other dies inside submerged car, and boy is discovered on side of road

Elon Musk replaces Twitter's bird icon with Dogecoin's cartoon mascot days after he asked judge to throw out $258BN racketeering lawsuit accusing him of running a pyramid scheme to support the cryptocurrency

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's chief of staff is shot dead just weeks after FBI declared him a fugitive: He died 'in standoff with police' while being hunted for alleged $200K wire fraud and embezzlement

Brooke Shields reveals she ran 'butt naked' from the room after losing her virginity aged 22 to Dean Cain in her new documentary

Rachel Weisz stuns in a red halter gown as she arrives in style at premiere for her Amazon Prime miniseries Dead Ringers in New York

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Gaetz demands FBI agent who 'suppressed' Hunter Biden probe's 'girlfriend' preserve records - after her tweets suggested she had inside information on whistleblowers who reported him

Brooke Shields slams Endless Love director who grabbed and twisted her TOE so she could make 'ecstasy face' in virginity loss scene as a 15-year-old - and bashes Blue Lagoon director for trying to 'sell her own sexual awakening’

Grey's Anatomy star Caterina Scorsone reveals she had TWO MINUTES to save lives of her three young daughters as house fire destroyed all of their possessions and killed their four pets

Billionaire Richard Branson's rocket firm Virgin Orbit files for bankruptcy after failing to secure investment


Black former Tesla worker payout for racial bias slashed from $15M to $3.2M_TECHCRUNCH

Dozer exits stealth to help any developer build real-time data apps ‘in minutes’

After New Zealand, Australia bans TikTok on official devices

‘There’s too much opportunity’ in Cerebral Valley

Lightspeed backs Indian startup Zyod aiming to make apparel manufacturing more efficient_TECHCRUNCH

TikTok hit with $15.7M UK fine for misusing children’s data

Ensemble raises $100M debut fund to bet on startup teams — but not in the way you think

Everstream, which applies big data to supply chain management, raises $50M

The Richest in 2023_FORBES

The Definitive Net Worth Of Donald Trump_FORBES

The Magic and Minstrelsy of Generative AI_WIRED

Artificial Wombs Will Change Abortion Rights Forever_WIRED

The Future Smartphone: More Folds, Less Phone, a Whole Lot of AI

Humiliation Machine: 10 Broken Promises From Elon Musk_GIZMODO

Everything We Spotted in Blue Beetle's Electrifying New Trailer

Elon 'The Dogefather' Musk Asks Judge to Toss $258 Billion Racketeering Lawsuit_GIZMODO

Spotify Live Dies

Activision Blizzard Settles Antitrust Suit Alleging It Imposed Salary Caps on Professional Overwatch and Call of Duty Players

50 Years Ago, the First Cell Phone Call Was Made on This DynaTAC Dinosaur

Physicists Recreate Classic 'Double-Slit' Experiment Using Time Instead of Space

NEWS 4/4/2023 - On this day

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