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On this day in 2023 - 4/24/2023


4/24/2023 - On this day in 2023

NEWS 4/24/2023 - On this day


It’s back to the future for a diminished digital news business_SEMAFOR

He already told Al Roker 2 weeks ago: Biden tells Al Roker ‘I plan on running’ but am ‘not prepared’ to launch_NYPOST

Inside the final days before Biden announces his reelection bid_WAPO

Mira Murati

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati responds to calls for a pause in AI deployment_FASTCOMPANY

6 things to know about OpenAI’s Mira Murati, the most interesting person in tech right now_FASTCOMPANY

Mira Murati: The woman behind ChatGPT on how AI is remaking society_FASTCOMPANY

How OpenAI CTO Mira Murati became one of tech’s most influential innovators_FASTCOMPANY


NEW POLL: Whopping 70 Percent Think Biden Shouldn’t Run Again, Days Before He’s Set to Announce Reelection Bid_MEDIAITE


These celebrities ‘subscribed to Twitter Blue.’ Except they’re dead._WAPO

The WEB3 space could be useful but nobody is doing anything worthwhile over there yet.

There Were 1,269 Efforts to Ban Books in 2022. These Were the Most Targeted._WSJ

After settlement, new challenge for Fox News: A disinformation expert_YAHOO

Space Force chief says U.S. is facing a ‘new era’ of threats beyond Earth_CNBC

US government offers help to 16,000 Americans living in Sudan_THEHILL

On Basco Island South of Taiwan, U.S. Military Prepares for Conflict With China_WSJ

How one Chinese ambassador's comments set off a wave of European fury_NBC

Rs 1 lakh per square foot: Dubai plot of sand sets new record Read more at:

Autistic Jewish teen is attacked, has swastika carved on his back at Las Vegas high school_NYPOST

How we all became AI's brain donors_AXIOS

‘Nobody knows when it’s going to happen’: Wall Street wakes up to default threat._POLITICO

‘The Flash,’ a ‘Wonka’ Preview, Better Security: 10 Things We Want from CinemaCon 2023_INDIEWIRE

The ExpressVPN Aircove Is a Serviceable Router That Hides Web Traffic For Your Whole Home_GIZMODO

Carnivorous pitcher plants may use tempting aromas to lure prey to their death_POPULARSCIENCE

Why Clothing Subscription Boxes Are Basically Pointless


I came up with a really good way of describing something yesterday and couldn’t write it down.


First-Ever NFT Insider-Trading Case Heads to Trial_WSJ

Bed Bath & Beyond files for bankruptcy protection after failed turnaround efforts_CNBC

Water Theft Proves Lucrative in a Dangerously Dry World_YAHOOFINANCE

Hundreds of shallow earthquakes detected along California coast during 8-month study

Chinese EV Dominance Hastens End Of Petrol Engine Era_BARRONS

NEWS 4/24/2023 - On this day

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