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On this day in 2023 - 4/21/2023


4/21/2023 - On this day in 2023

Yellen warns decoupling from China would be ‘disastrous’_FINANCIALREVIEW

Janet Yellen

members of the Cabinet of the United States

AI Isn’t Artificial or Intelligent_MOTHERBOARD/VICE

Is there a future in light-powered AI chips?_TECHCRUNCH

The Kobo Elipsa 2E Is an Excellent Do-Over of the Company's First E Ink Tablet_GIZMODO

This $20 Python computer programming bundle could help you get certified_POPULARSCIENCE


Black teen shot after ringing wrong doorbell is a gifted chemistry student and a 'gentle soul,' former teacher says_NBC

Dad of 20-Year-Old Fatally Shot After Car Turned Into Wrong Driveway Wants Shooter to 'Die in Jail'

Police arrest NC man who allegedly shot 6-year-old, parents and neighbor when basketball rolled into yard_ABC


'I owe everything I have to this woman': Alec Baldwin credits his wife Hilaria after involuntary manslaughter charges dropped as new evidence 'shows gun could've been fired WITHOUT him pulling the trigger' - directly contradicting FBI_DAILYMAIL

Elon Musk's Twitter drops government-funded media labels_ABC


What Is Happening in Sudan? The Fighting Explained_WSJ



Two-Thirds of Rural Mail Carriers Are Being Hit With A Massive Pay Cut Calculated By An Algorithm

IRS Wants to Buy Internet Mass Monitoring Tool


John Leguizamo Confronts ‘Hollywood Racism Masked as Hollywood Wisdom’_INDIEWIRE

10 Movie Trilogies That Actually Stuck the Landing_LIFEHACKER


Ex-acting CIA director reveals he had 50 spies sign a letter saying Hunter Biden laptop scandal was Russian disinformation to HELP Joe 'win the presidential election’_DAILYMAIL

Twitter’s Legacy Blue Checks Are Gone, Stirring Confusion

Twitter begins removing blue checks from users who don’t pay_AP

Elon Musk at it again, makes ridiculous blue check Twitter decision for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Oprah, more

Twitter begins removing legacy verified check marks_NBC

Elon Musk Says He’s Paying for Celebrities’ Blue Checkmarks on Twitter – Even When They Don’t Want Them

Elon Musk has had a wild week. Now he wants to start an AI company._WP

Elon Musk's Starship goes up in smoke on 4/20: World's most powerful rocket fails to separate and EXPLODES in $3BN fireball before crashing back down to earth_DAILYMAIL

Biden preparing to announce reelection campaign next week

Most realistic first-person shooter game EVER causes concern — leading some to ask: Is this what America really needs right now?


NEWS 4/21/2023 - On this day


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