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On this day in 2023 - 3/28/2023


3/28/2023 - On this day in 2023

11 Tips to Take Your ChatGPT Prompts to the Next Level_WIRED

ChatGPT Opened a New Era in Search. Microsoft Could Ruin It_WIRED

Amazon Sidewalk Is the Sleeping Giant in Your Neighborhood

The Best Wireless Chargers_WIRED

Bodycam footage shows Nashville cops taking down trans shooter Audrey Hale at church school


The Jobs Most Exposed to ChatGPT_WSJ

Taylor Swift Wears a Plunging Hooded Catsuit Covered in Sequins at the iHeartRadio Awards_POPSUGAR

Lucid Air Review: You're going to get lots of questions. Here are the answers

Tested on Ethereum, StarkWare’s Zero-Knowledge Proofs Are Now Live on Bitcoin_DECRYPT

There have been more mass shootings than days in 2023, database shows_ABC

Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale’s chilling final messages to pal revealed: ‘I’m planning to die’_NYPOST

39 migrants dead, 29 injured after fire at an immigration facility in Mexico_NPR

In 'Above Ground,' Clint Smith meditates on a changing world, personal and public_NPR

Panera rolls out hand-scanning technology that has raised privacy concerns_NPR

China to upgrade national blockchain standards by 2025_COINTELEGRAPH

Higher Rates Are Coming for U.S. Companies_WSJ

Modi’s Biggest Rival Called Him a Thief. Now He’s Going to Jail.

Blue Lights viewers spot glaring blooper in first episode of new BBC crime drama - so, can YOU see what's wrong in this scene?

Fusion startup Type One Energy gets $29M seed round to fast-track its reactor designs_TECHCRUNCH


How Much Time Should I Spend On Strategy?_FORBES

MLB season preview: Rankings, playoff odds for all 30 teams_ESPN

Fed-up residents TORCH LTN road block planters just hours after they were installed as driver clashes with eco-zealots policing another hated blockade - in furious fight back against '15-minute cities’_DAILYMAIL

Alex Perez reveals he pulled out of UFC fight vs Manel Kape after suffering seizure

Silicon Valley Bank’s Risks Went Deep. Congress Wants to Know Why.

Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors: Jets, Packers 'Stuck' on Conditional 2025 NFL Draft Pick

4G internet is set to arrive on the moon later this year_CNBC

Two people stabbed to death at the Ismaili Centre in Lisbon_BBC

The Morning After: Our verdict on Sonos' Era 300 and Era 100 speakers_ENGADGET

Dukes Cupboard Unveils New Line of 'The Godfather' T-Shirts_HYPEBEAST

See message shooter sent minutes before massacre_CNN

Disney cuts metaverse division as part of broader restructuring_TECHCRUNCH

Top Bank Regulators to Face Senate Questions Over SVB, Signature Collapses_WSJ

THORChain Mainnet Might Be At Risk Of Exploit_BITCOINIST

Gucci and Bored Ape Creator Want to Take High Fashion to the Metaverse_CNET

IWI Is an Adaptable Living Space That Extends or Compresses to Your Needs_DESIGNMILK

Now That ChatGPT Is Plugged In, Things Could Get Weird_WIRED

Fortnite’s generous new creator economy has an Epic catch_THEVERGE

This Pink Concealer Has Gone Viral on TikTok and It Has 121,400+ 5-Star Reviews: Here's Why You Need It

Heartbreaking: The worst Supreme Court justice you know just made a great point

At least 39 dead after fire at Mexican migrant facility on US border

Cases of a Drug-Resistant Fungus Tripled During the COVID Pandemic

Scientists Create Mice From Two Dads_ONION


France sees new pension protests, police brace for violence_AP

Nashville shooter was ex-student with detailed plan to kill_AP

Police chief tells NBC News a sense of ‘resentment’ may have fueled Nashville shooter’s attack at former school

Transgender Nashville school shooter drew chilling image of Jack Nicholson in The Shining with 'MURDER' spelt backwards, and eerie picture about remaining a child forever_DAILYMAIL

Trans female former student, 28, armed with two assault rifles and a handgun, kills three nine-year-old kids and three staff members at Nashville private Christian school after writing manifesto and drawing maps of church campus_DAILYMAIL

'I'm planning to die today... you'll probably hear about me on the news': Trans school shooter Audrey Hale's final messages to a friend before she shot six people - including three kids in private Christian school_DAILYMAIL

The IRS Makes a Strange House Call on Matt Taibbi_WSJ

Sen. Rand Paul staffer stabbed multiple times in DC, suspect arrested_ABC

Costly Court Race Points to a Politicized Future for Judicial Elections_DNYUZ

Electricity generated from renewables surpasses coal for first time in US_AP

Shattered: Catholic community confronts its founder’s lies_AP

An AI-generated ‘Balenciaga pope’ fooled us all. How much does it matter?

CNN Finalizing Deal to Add Gayle King as It Hits Lowest Ratings in Decades_WSJ

A Tale of Two Housing Markets: Prices Fall in the West While the East Booms_WSJ

Concertgoers Are Behaving Badly. Blame TikTok.

Moscow Elite in a Panic Over Tape Blasting Putin as ‘Satan’

Putin’s Former Publicity Minions Air His Dirty Laundry

Mexico: Migrants lit mattresses in fire that killed 39

Sam Bankman-Fried charged with bribing Chinese officials

Pentagon Prepares for Space Warfare as Potential Threats From China, Russia Grow

Netanyahu admits Israel is on the brink of 'CIVIL WAR' as he postpones judicial reform amid another night of violent protests

Israel tensions ease as Netanyahu pauses judicial overhaul_AP

Shocking moment Squid Game star is 'kicked out of Dutch McDonald's and assaulted by staff because they did not want to serve an American'

Can't beat a little black dress! Queen Letizia of Spain is elegant in a recycled Hugo Boss outfit as she's joined by King Felipe at a Spanish language event

'I had beef with people': Priyanka Chopra reveals she left Bollywood because she was 'being pushed into a corner'

And the award for the most revealing dress goes to! Heidi Klum, Chrishell Stause, and Delilah Belle Hamlin battle it out to be the best dressed bombshell at iHeartRadio Music Awards 2023

Emily Ratajkowski blasts men for only 'thinking with their d**ks' and reveals plans to have a second child ALONE as she shares an update on post-divorce dating after kissing Harry Styles

Ben Affleck cheekily photobombs Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka at the AIR premiere

Is that you, Bart? Artificial Intelligence artist imagines what The Simpsons characters would look like as humans

Jana Kramer stuns in a cut-out dress as she makes her red carpet debut with new beau Allan Russell at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Model dies after using health boost drip based on human PLACENTA which she bought from an online pharmacy


Twitter is dying_TECHCRUNCH

GitHub slashes engineering team in India_TECHCRUNCH

For deep due diligence, minimize disruption to maximize success_TECHCRUNCH

Apple Music Classical is now available for download to everyone_TECHCRUNCH

Amazon opens its low-bandwidth, long-range Sidewalk network to developers_TECHCRUNCH

Google Chrome and Classroom add new features for educators and students, including ‘reading mode’_TECHCRUNCH

Germany probes Microsoft’s market power_TECHCRUNCH

Spotify debuts “Niche Mixes” you can build based on description alone_TECHCRUNCH

Asana launches new work intelligence tools with AI on the way_TECHCRUNCH

Experience the Found podcast live at TC Early Stage_TECHCRUNCH

Meta disputes it can be sued in Kenya, again_TECHCRUNCH

Cultured meat firm resurrects woolly mammoth in lab-grown meatball_TECHCRUNCH

Hackers could remotely turn off lights, honk, mess with Tesla’s infotainment system_TECHCRUNCH

VCs continue to pour dollars into generative AI_TECHCRUNCH


U.S. Accuses Sam Bankman-Fried Of Paying $40 Million Bribe To Chinese Official_FORBES

Senate Banking Hearing: Officials Blame Management At Failed Banks, Tout Regional Banks As Economic ‘Strength’_FORBES

Tesla Seat Belts Allegedly Not Attached To Vehicle Under Investigation_FORBES

No More Smartphone Or League Of Legends For Sam Bankman-Fried_FORBES

How To Beat The Market With Boring Stocks_FORBES

SVB’s New Owners, The Billionaire North Carolina Family Behind First Citizens, Are Quietly Building A Banking Empire_FORBES


The Trans-American Race to Build Chargers for Electric Trucks_WIRED

What Time Is It on the Moon?_WIRED

‘You Must Believe You Can Repair It’_WIRED

Technology Addiction Has Created a Self-Help Trap_WIRED

Be Your Own Tab Manager_WIRED


James Gunn Continues to Tweet About Guardians of the Galaxy_GIZMODO

We're One Step Closer to AI Handling Zoom Meetings for Us_GIZMODO

Liv Tyler's Incredible Hulk Character Is Returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe_GIZMODO

Catturd2 and Ben Shapiro Reportedly Land on Twitter’s List of 35 VIP Accounts_GIZMODO

SBF Cut Off From His Favorite Toys Under New Proposed Bail Conditions_GIZMODO

The Glory Days of Work-From-Home Are Behind Us_GIZMODO

DJI's New Drone Goggles Have a Battery Built Into the Head Strap_GIZMODO

Mysterious Disease Outbreaks That Were Never Solved_GIZMODO

Ultrasound Attack Can Secretly Hijack Phones and Smart Speakers, Researchers Find_GIZMODO

Cops Used Creepy Clearview AI a Million Times, CEO Says_GIZMODO

Is Rocket Lab the SpaceX Competitor We’ve Been Waiting For?_GIZMODO

An Ode to Mondo, Featuring All the Posters Currently on My Walls_GIZMODO

Tetris Is a Spy Thriller That Understands the Impact of Video Games_GIZMODO

NEWS 3/28/2023 - On this day

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