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On this day in 2023 - 3/24/2023


3/24/2023 - On this day in 2023

Is GPT-4 Worth the Subscription? Here’s What You Should Know_WIRED

Can You Really Pump Water Without Any Electricity?

Voice Deepfakes Are Calling Here's How to Avoid Them

Detained Crypto Fugitive Do Kwon Faces Extradition to U.S. and South Korea

OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet

Crypto giant Binance resumes withdrawals and spot trading after glitch caused outage_TECHCRUNCH

Twitter will kill ‘legacy’ blue checks on April 1_TECHCRUNCH

Coinbase execs weigh in on the crypto’s future in US amid regulatory scrutiny

The Fight to Expose Corporations’ Real Impact on the Climate

Startup says the seaweed blobbing toward Florida has a silver lining

Not-so-fake dry powder, AI and the future of DAOs

Ford to build next-gen EV truck at $5.6B factory in 2025

Huupe, a ‘smart’ basketball hoop startup, raises its game with $11M

UK narrows antitrust probe of Microsoft-Activision

Kid-focused short video app Zigazoo launches a TikTok competitor for Gen Z


Selena Gomez Urges Fans To Leave Hailey Bieber Alone After Model Reports Death Threats

The Selena Gomez And Hailey Bieber Social Media Drama, Explained

What’s Happening With Deutsche Bank As Shares Slide 11%

Bitcoin Drops After Binance Pauses Spot Trading, Deposits And Withdrawals

How Russian Airlines Have Been Able To Skirt Sanctions And Keep Flying

Baseball’s Most Valuable Teams 2023: Price Tags Are Up 12% Despite Regional TV Woes


Accounting-Fraud Indicator Signals Coming Economic Trouble

Antisemitic Incidents Rise to New High, Report Says

Silicon Valley’s Latest Fascination is Exploring ‘DMT Hyperspace’

Eerie deepfakes claiming to show Trump’s arrest spread across Twitter_NYPOST

Trump arrested? Putin jailed? Fake AI images spread online_AP

'They tell us to be peaceful!': Trump issues ANOTHER threat and tells 'Soros-backed animal' Alvin Bragg to drop the Stormy Daniels case - as grand jury is canceled for the rest of the week and questions grow about looming indictment_DAILYMAIL

In China, embattled TikTok chief seen as hero defying bullying U.S.

US contractor is killed in Iranian suicide drone strike in Syria - as Biden orders retaliation 'precision airstrikes' taking out 11 militants tied to Revolutionary Guard_DAILYMAIL

Chaos in France as police fire tear gas at protesters and baton-charge crowds in Paris where '800,000' marched against pension reforms - and Bordeaux town hall goes up in flames amid riots

France strikes intensify as anger mounts over retirement age hike

King Charles's France visit postponed after pension protests

Israeli Judicial Overhaul Pits Secular, Religious Communities Against Each Other

The secretive Israeli think tank behind Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul

After Iran, Saudi Arabia to re-establish ties with Syria, sources say

5 planets will parade across the sky in rare astronomical event, while skyscraper-sized asteroid flies by Earth

What’s in Your Pocket? Obsessed Hobbyists Judge What It Says About You

Missiles slam into ANOTHER US base in Syria: Iran-backed militants retaliate hours after Biden ordered deadly 'precision airstrikes' on their positions following suicide drone attack that killed American worker_DAILYMAIL

Trump Rape Case Jury Will Be Anonymous Due to MAGA Threats of Violence

Court Action Underscores Peril for Trump in Documents Investigation

Trump Inquiries Present a Stress Test for Justice in a Polarized Nation

The fight over parental rights in schools comes to the House floor

Tallahassee principal is forced to resign after parents complained that Michelangelo's statue of David is 'pornographic' and shouldn't be shown to sixth grade art history class

Book ban attempts hit record high in 2022, library org says

Record book ban attempts reported last year

Students Struggle Academically, Fight in Schools Amid Adderall Shortage

Trump Ratchets Up Violent Rhetoric, Warns of ‘Death and Destruction’ Over Possible Charges

Trump calls for removal of every top official investigating him

Trump insists he’s ‘100% innocent,’ slams Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg as an ‘animal’ as hush money indictment looms

Grand Jury Won’t Act in Trump Hush-Money Payment Investigation This Week

Porn stars, felons, and spin doctors: Who will jurors believe in Trump’s case?

How the Potential Arrest of Donald Trump Could Unfold

Activision shares jump as British competition regulator drops key concern on Microsoft takeover

How to use the secondary market to find clues about who will IPO first

Our bottled water habit stands in the way of universal clean drinking water

Jamaican man arrested in NY on terrorism charges, accused of recruiting support for the Islamic State Group

Beijing Denies Pressuring Companies Like TikTok to Spy for China

King Charles's France visit postponed after pension protests

At $9,500, Is This 1976 Cadillac Seville a Classy Classic?

Nebraska senator with trans son joins filibuster after bill banning kids’ gender treatments is passed

Elon Musk reportedly tried and failed to take over OpenAI in 2018

First 2024 Chevy Corvette E-Ray headed to Barrett-Jackson auction

Not all Trumps are pumped about Donald’s arrest drama

TikTok faces uncertain future after 5-hour congressional thrashing

Biden’s Options on TikTok Narrow After Beijing Pushes Back

The Surreal Post-Trump Embrace of Mark Milley

Putin arrest warrant prompts SA to seek legal advice

NORTHCOM: Russia Close to Persistent Nuclear Cruise Missile Attack Sub Presence off U.S. Coasts

North Korea Threatens ‘Radioactive Tsunami’ With New Underwater Drone

In Montana, It’s Youth vs. the State in a Landmark Climate Case

Utah governor signs laws requiring parents' consent for minors to use social media

Banks Are Still Drawing on the Fed for $164 Billion of Emergency Cash

Moody’s sees risk that U.S. banking ‘turmoil’ can’t be contained

Deutsche Bank shares slide 11% after sudden spike in the cost of insuring against its default

Man accused of stabbing his wife to death during Bible study in Minnesota

Most trans adults say transitioning made them more satisfied with their lives

Lana Del Rey’s ‘Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’ Is Her Most Soul-Searching Album Yet

Everything but the Girl Breaks a 24-Year Silence With a Bang

Trump warns of potential 'death & destruction' if he's indicted in Stormy Daniels hush-money case and calls Manhattan DA a 'degenerate psychopath' as charges are on hold until at least next week

These are the most searched for emoji meanings - so do YOU know what they represent?

Reality check: 80% of receipts in US restaurants, bars and grocery stores contain toxic chemicals linked to CANCER, study warns

Walmart to close a series of stores across 9 states this year due to falling profits - after announcing hundreds of layoffs at fulfilment centers

White House says the U.S. does 'not seek war with Iran' after Biden launched air strikes in retaliation for death of American contractor by an Iranian suicide drone in Syria

EXCLUSIVE: Blac Chyna reveals she quit 'degrading' OnlyFans and reversed plastic surgery because 'God wouldn't want me doing it' - as born-again Christian tells how finding religion made her shed X-rated image and 'become whole' as Angela_DAILYMAIL

Son of famed NYC restaurant owner dies in freak accident at Madison Square Garden after 'plunging three floors while riding an escalator rail’

Melania Trump 'is lying very low' and is 'concerned with protecting her son Barron' as drama swirls in Mar-a-Lago around Don's possible indictment

Selena Gomez finally breaks her silence on 'feud' with Hailey Bieber, revealing the model 'reached out to her' after getting DEATH THREATS - as she urges fans to 'stop the hate and bullying’


How to Get the Most Out of (or Into) Your Robot Vacuum

John Wick Changed Movies Forever


What Was This Wolverine Doing Near Portland?

See D.C.'s Early Blooming Cherry Blossoms After a Super-Warm Winter

The 10 Craziest Moments From Congress' TikTok Ban Hearing

See How a Wild, Wet Winter Has Transformed California

James Gunn Offers an Update On His Superman: Legacy Casting

SpaceX's Upgraded Starlink Satellites Aren't Doing So Well

The Room's Tommy Wiseau Made a Killer Shark Movie and Here's the Unforgettable Trailer


Detained Crypto Fugitive Do Kwon Faces Extradition to U.S. and South Korea

Fish May Feel Each Other's Fear Through the Same Mechanism That Drives Human Empathy

Why the First Launch of a 3D-Printed Rocket Wasn't a Total Failure

Texas Residents Blast Elon Musk’s Boring Company’s Plan To Dump Wastewater Into The Colorado River

NEWS 3/24/2023 - On this day

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