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On this day in 2023 - 3/22/2023


3/22/2023 - On this day in 2023

Retro camera app Hipstamatic makes its return as an anti-Instagram social network_TECHCRUNCH

Dope Security nabs $16M led by GV to build out secure web gateways designed to work on endpoints, not in the cloud_TECHCRUNCH

“Graceful way out”: Investors propose some struggling founders close shop and return funding_TECHCRUNCH

Microsoft brings OpenAI’s DALL-E image creator to the new Bing_TECHCRUNCH

The cloud backlash has begun: Why big data is pulling compute back on premises_TECHCRUNCH

CodiumAI is using generative AI to help developers build code logic tests automatically_TECHCRUNCH

Amazon expands Fire TV lineup with more QLED models, entry-level 2-Series TVs and new markets_TECHCRUNCH

How Fellow bootstrapped for 8 years to build a coffee empire_TECHCRUNCH

Apple TV+ drops its free offering for ‘Friday Night Baseball,’ expands games to 45+ countries_TECHCRUNCH

GitHub’s Copilot goes beyond code completion, adds a chat mode and more_TECHCRUNCH

Clerk is simplifying identity for front-end web developers_TECHCRUNCH

One of venture’s most iconic duos wants to have a word with you_TECHCRUNCH

Tencent profit grows after a year of aggressive cuts_TECHCRUNCH

New victims come forward after mass-ransomware attack_TECHCRUNCH

Brex takes a swipe at Concur with an expansion into travel_TECHCRUNCH


Goldman Is Reportedly Using AI To Write Code As Banks Crack Down On ChatGPT Use_FORBES

Trump Reportedly Wants To Turn His Arrest Into A ‘Spectacle’—Complete With Handcuffs And Perp Walk_FORBES

How A TikTok Ban Would Deal A Blow To Creators, Businesses And The American Economy_FORBES


This Is the Lightest Paint in the World_WIRED

The TikTok CEO’s Face-Off With Congress Is Doomed_WIRED

A US Agency Rejected Face Recognition—and Landed in Big Trouble_WIRED

The Future of Black Queer Characters in Comics Is Joyful_WIRED

How to Move Your Slack Archive to Discord_WIRED

‘4 People Tweeting’ Changed the Face of Nigerian Politics_WIRED

I Saw the Face of God in a Semiconductor Factory_WIRED

A New York Court Is About to Rule on the Future of Crypto_WIRED

Online Sleuths Untangle the Mystery of the Nord Stream Sabotage_WIRED


Text to Video Generative AI Is Finally Here and It’s Weird as Hell_GIZMODO

Leaked Document Shows How Amazon Ended Up Over-Listing Thousands of Jobs_GIZMODO

Remnants of a Glacier Found Near Martian Equator_GIZMODO

Donald Trump Posts Sad Truth Social Rant: 'They're All Sick and It's Fake News’_GIZMODO

NASA's Artemis 2 Moon Rocket Is Coming Together_GIZMODO

Star Wars Screenwriters Exit Only Days After Delivering Their Script_GIZMODO

12 Sci-Fi Stories Written Before Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein_GIZMODO

Panera Bread Is Letting Customers Pay With Amazon’s Palm Reading Tech_GIZMODO

Scientists Get Closer to Sustainable, Biodegradable Glass_GIZMODO

The UN Wants Big Oil's Help on Climate. Good Luck With That_GIZMODO


Deadly storm became a bomb cyclone as it walloped California with high winds, torrential_ACCUWEATHER

Trump’s potential indictment caps decades of legal scrutiny_AP

The porn star, the checks and the president: Trump’s tawdry path to peril_ANCHORAGEDAILYNEWS

Inside Trump’s Efforts to Turn His Arrest Into a Martyrdom_DAILYBEAST

Donald Trump Grand Jury to Reconvene as Potential Indictment Looms_WSJ

Bomb threat disrupts NY court where Trump case is being heard_THEHILL

MAGA Protesters Should Heed Proud Boy’s Message: ‘Fuck Trump’_DAILYBEAST

Michael Cohen’s Long Arc From Trump Ally to Chief Antagonist_DNYUZ

Amazon has rolled out contactless tech to 200 locations including Panera cafes_REUTERS

A 5,000-mile seaweed belt is headed toward Florida_AP

Are we growing more dumber? Americans’ IQ scores drop in four of five measurements

Scranton to Biden: Love ya, Joe. But a 2024 run?_YAHOONEWS

The Pentagon prepares for its next battle: GOP accusations of ‘wokeness’_POLITICO

California measure would force tech giants to pay news outlets_WP

Costa Rica, laid-back land of ‘pura vida,’ succumbing to drug violence

Xi Jinping tells ‘dear friend’ Putin ‘change is coming’ as he leaves Moscow

Fed Caught Between Inflation and Bank Crisis_YAHOOFINANCE

Miami and New York’s Crypto CityCoins Meet With a Quiet Demise

Tattoos Do Odd Things to the Immune System_WP

Not Your Daddy’s Freud

Rare Cosmic Event Will See 5 Planets Align in The Sky. Here's How to Watch.

Uganda Passes Strict Anti-Gay Bill That Imposes Death Penalty for Some


Making Ethereum Wallets Smarter Is the Next Challenge—and Visa Is Among Those Working on It_DECRYPT

Multiple injuries after ship tips over at Edinburgh dockyard_BBC

Post Malone Reaches Settlement in ‘Circles’ Copyright Lawsuit Just Before Trial_ROLLINGSTONE

Sly Stone Had to ‘Become Sylvester Stewart Again’ to Write New Memoir_ROLLINGSTONE

Stocks Edge Higher Ahead of Fed Decision_WSJ

How To Build An Authentic, Relatable Brand On Social Media_FORBES

At $47,991, Is This 2011 Lotus Evora Worth Evaluating?

MetaMask Institutional unlocks solo ETH staking marketplace_COINTELEGRAPH

FCC Fines 15 Year-Old Pirate Radio Station in NYC $2 Million

North Korea fires multiple cruise missiles amid US-South Korea joint drills_ABC

As Haiti’s Police Retreat, Gangs Take Over Much of the Capital_NYT

NASCAR suspends driver Josh Williams for parking car at start-finish line in defiance of order

Should You Have a Lobotomy?

Save caterpillars by turning off your outdoor lights


PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: FBI suspect seen dangling outside 31st floor window of luxury Manhattan apartment tower after Bureau agents tried to arrest him_DAILYMAIL

Fed is expected to hike interest rates by 0.25 points - slashing its planned rise after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank sparked turmoil in the financial sector_DAILYMAIL

MMA fighter-turned-security guard 'averted another Pulse mass shooting' by disarming man in devil mask as he tried to storm strip club, say Tampa cops_DAILYMAIL

NEWS 3/22/2023 - On this day

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