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On this day in 2023 - 3/19/2023


3/19/2023 - On this day in 2023

This Week in Apps: AI-powered productivity apps, US weighs TikTok ban, SVB crash boosts crypto apps_TECHCRUNCH

Let’s talk about succession plans_TECHCRUNCH

Founders, don’t put all your cash in one basket_TECHCRUNCH

The Monarch could be the next big thing in Braille_TECHCRUNCH

Rawr? Green Li-ion recharges with $20.5M to scale its recycling tech_TECHCRUNCH


‘Strange lights’ above Northern California were likely space junk_NYPOST

Defiant Putin Visits Mariupol, a City Razed by Russian Forces_NYT

UBS Offers $1 Billion to Buy Credit Suisse_WSJ


School systems sue social media companies for unprecedented toll on student mental health Story by Donna St. George • 4h ago_WP

How AI could upend the world even more than electricity or the internet_YAHOONEWS

AI IN CONTROL AI chatbot GPT-4 caught ‘controlling human’ in ‘first terrifying example’ of the machine’s abilities_USSUN

DEUS EX MACHINA AI Gods & ChatGPT religions are coming – they will be better than human priests & they could turn evil, warns experts


Plant explosion leaves town with fear of lead exposure and few answers

This country wanted a 69-hour workweek. Millennials and Generation Z had other ideas_CNN

CNN Crew Robbed While Covering Street Crime in San Francisco_CNN


Trump says he expects to be arrested, calls for protest_AP

Cohen says Trump calls for protest against Manhattan DA probe signals desire for ‘violent clash’ on his behalf_THEHILL

‘PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST!!!’ Trump Literally Triples Down on Call for Action by Supporters Over Potential Indictment, Arrest_MEDIAITE

Donald Trump's post claiming he'll be arrested Tuesday could see him DENIED BAIL over fears he'll try and incite Jan 6. riot at arraignment hearing, former federal prosecutor says_DAILYMAIL

Officials Prep for Protests as MAGA Sycophants Push ‘Patriot Moat’ Around Mar-a-Lago_DAILYBEAST

MAGA supporters call for Ron DeSantis to deploy National Guard to protect ex-president at Mar-a-Lago and plan a 'Patriot Moat' at Florida mansion - as GOP chiefs accuse Manhattan DA of 'abusing his power’_DAILYMAIL

DA Bragg tells office they will not be intimidated after Trump calls for protests_NYPOST

Looming Trump charges follow criticism of N.Y. prosecutor for not acting sooner_REUTERS


Spring break horror as gunman kills one and injures another in Miami Beach while Mexico deploys the armed SOLDIERS on Cancun coast... but revelers ramp up celebrations_DAILYMAIL

Unwanted visitor ruins spring break in Florida - toxic algae_YAHOONEWS


10 reasons why the Earth's future is better than you think

At this California prison, 'we are no longer prisoners. We are professionals’_LATIMES

Doggie Mansions and Tiffany Bowls: Lifestyles of Rich and Famous Pets_WSJ


Midsize banks plead for unlimited FDIC backstop for two years_AXIOS

Wait 10 Seconds, Lose $1 Million in Markets Rocked by Volatility

A Four-Decade Secret: The Untold Story of Sabotaging Jimmy Carter’s Re-election

Israelis protest for 11th week against judicial reforms

24 hours of HELL in top NYC hospital: Patients left lying in hallways, urine soaked floors and staff incapable of providing answers for desperate family members - as city's healthcare system is stretched to breaking point_DAILYMAIL

Lacking health workers, Germany taps robots for elder care

LA meteorologist collapses on live TV in frightening moment_NYPOST

Millions of dead fish wash up amid heat wave in Australia


MAGA supporters call for Gov. DeSantis to deploy National Guard to protect ex-president at Mar-a-Lago from possible arrest and plan a 'Patriot Moat' at Florida mansion - as GOP chiefs accuse Manhattan DA of 'abusing his power’_DAILYMAIL

Has the penny finally dropped for CNN? Anchor Erin Burnett admits bank transactions revealing Biden's family members received more than $1m in Chinese cash 'don't look good’_DAILYMAIL

Kate shares heart-warming new photos of George, Charlotte and Louis and King Charles pays tribute to his 'beloved Mama' as the Royal Family celebrate their first Mother's Day without the Queen_DAILYMAIL


Rita Ora puts on a leggy display in a mauve checked minidress as she sprawls out on yacht before Dubai gig_DAILYMAIL

10 tips for de-risking hardware products_TECHCRUNCH

Silicon Valley Bank’s crash is providing valuable lessons all over the world_TECHCRUNCH

OpenAI unleashes GPT-4, SVB files for bankruptcy, and a PE firm acquires Pornhub_TECHCRUNCH

OpenAI releases GPT-4, a multimodal AI that it claims is state-of-the-art_TECHCRUNCH

To my infinite chagrin, we’re probably not getting tech IPOs until later this year

Hear why AtoB calls itself Stripe for trucking on TechCrunch Live

CVCs remained consistent investors in 2022


Pro-Russia Twitter Trolls Stoked Fears About Ohio Derailment, Analysis Shows_FORBES


I Got Investigated by the Secret Service. Here's How to Not Be Me_WIRED

Jenny Odell Can Stretch Time and So Can You

The Best Phones With an Actual Headphone Jack_WIRED

Samsung’s Moon Shots Force Us to Ask How Much AI Is Too Much_WIRED

Review: Fujifilm Instax Mini 12_WIRED

What Lit the Lamps That Let Humanity Measure the Universe_WIRED

Here Are the Skills You Need to Succeed in Tech in 2023


This 20-Pound Portable Microwave Can Heat 11 Meals In Between Charges_GIZMODO

DC Comics' Wonderful Swimsuit Covers Are Sexy and Tasteful_GIZMODO

The 10 Most Bizarre Moments From a Real Wedding in a Taco Bell-Branded Metaverse

Is ChatGPT Closer to a Human Librarian Than It Is to Google?

These Are the 25 U.S. Cities Where a $100k Salary Goes the Furthest

Sharkgate: Scientists Claim 'Rare Shark' in Photo Is Actually Just a Plastic Toy


NEWS 3/19/2023 - On this day

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