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On this day in 2023 - 3/11/2023


3/11/2023 - On this day in 2023


SVB is already the talk of SXSW

How founders are reacting to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse

What does the collapse of SVB mean for venture debt?

Uncertainty stands around multibillion USDC empire as issuer Circle held reserves at Silicon Valley Bank

SVB’s debacle is causing panic in China’s startup industry

Roku, Roblox and others disclose their exposure to SVB in SEC filings

Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are moving payments globally

Silicon Valley Bank collapse is impacting many Indian startups

Flutterwave’s troubles in Kenya yet to end as second case proceeds

Investor Mark Suster says a “handful” of bad actors in VC destroyed Silicon Valley Bank

Microsoft bets on algae to mitigate its growing carbon footprint


Texas Man Sues 3 Women Over Wife’s Abortion

2023 Layoff Tracker: Meta Could Reportedly Cut Thousands Of Employees

SVB Financial CEO Sold $3.6 Million In Stock Before Bank’s Collapse

What To Know About Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse—The Biggest Bank Failure Since 2008


Silicon Valley Bank failure raises fear of broader financial contagion_WAPO

Wells Fargo says 'technical issue' causing customers to report missing deposits_NBC

Thiel’s Founders Fund Withdrew Millions From Silicon Valley Bank_YAHOOFINANCE

CEO of Silicon Valley Bank sold $3.57 million of stock in the troubled bank just TWO WEEKS before its dramatic collapse in automated trade planned on January 26 - and CFO ditched $575,000 the same day_DAILYMAIL

CNBC’s Jim Cramer urged viewers to buy Silicon Valley Bank stock last month_NYPOST

Silicon Valley Bank's Manhattan branch calls COPS on investors trying to pull their cash out as Boston tech CEO with $10M in bank describes 'worst 18 hours of my life': Lender is SEIZED by regulators in largest US bank failure since Great Recession_DAILYMAIL


You're using Google Maps WRONG! Genius trick will save you time and data while using the navigation app abroad_DAILYMAIL

REVEALED: CEO of collapsed Silicon Valley Bank successfully lobbied Congress against imposing extra regulations on his firm in wake of 2008 financial crisis_DAILYMAIL


SVB’s Stranded Deposits Spread the Pain From Tech to Napa Valley_BLOOMBERG


Apocalypse California: Pineapple Express floods storm-battered state with 13 INCHES of rain, destroying roads and killing another victim, bringing death toll to 13 - as residents of blizzard-hit Lake Tahoe are quoted $20,000 to clear snow_DAILYMAIL

Blood-boiling moment woke Stanford law school students taunt conservative judge invited to speak there - before dean of 'equity' ambushes him with pious speech accusing him of ‘harm'_DAILYMAIL


How does a bank collapse in 48 hours? A timeline of the SVB fall_CNN

20 banks that are sitting on huge potential securities losses—as was SVB

SVB’s Auction Block Includes VC-Focused Lender, Wealth Unit_BLOOMBERG


LIVE: Atmospheric river slams California with torrential rain, strong winds and heavy snow_ACCUWEATHER

Inside the “Private and Confidential” Conservative Group That Promises to “Crush Liberal Dominance”

Steve Forbes assaulted by protesters at conservative book launch party_FOXNEWS


REVEALED: Billionaire Estee Lauder heir William Lauder is the mystery buyer of Rush Limbaugh's lavish $155 million waterfront Palm Beach estate after settling lawsuit with ex-mistress over $7m Bel Air mansion_DAILYMAIL


Why white wine gives you the rage - and 'the fear' the next day

Watch Live: Relativity Space Re-Attempts Launch of First 3D-Printed Rocket


How to Watch the 2023 Oscars_WIRED

Ride the green revolution with this $899 electric bike

Maine college goes into lockdown after shot fired on campus


NEWS 3/11/2023 - On this day

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