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On this day in 2023 - 3/09/2023


3/09/2023 - On this day in 2023


Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing Search Engine Surpasses 100 Million Daily Active Users_GIZMODO

Spotify Launches 'Entirely New' Home Feed That's Very TikTok_GIZMODO

Texas Is Coming for 'Woke' Insurance Companies Next_GIZMODO

How Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Helps Disaster Victims_GIZMODO

Sexual Deepfakes of Emma Watson Run Rampant in Facebook and Instagram Ads_GIZMODO

11 Fairly Competent Time Travelers_GIZMODO

The FBI Just Admitted It Bought US Location Data_WIRED

Today’s startups should terrify you_TC

TikTok is back up and running after a two-hour outage that left frustrated users around the world unable to play videos_DAILYMAIL


Proof scientists can now read your MIND: AI turns people's thoughts into images with 80% accuracy_DAILYMAIL

War in space: U.S. officials debating rules for a conflict in orbit_WAPO

US Worries China Will Use Supply Chains As Weapon_BARRONS

Tech author tells how supermarket worker gave him dirty look when he refused to TIP up to 30% on store's iPad screen as Americans complain of being guilt-tripped into paying-up_DAILYMAIL


Smoking: New tech lets Ford's clean electric cars can burn rubber_FOXNEWS

Wing likens its drone ‘delivery network’ to rideshare_TC

Podcast: More Wonders in Your Backyard_ATLASOBSCURA

Multisig wallets vulnerable to exploitation by Starknet apps, says developer Safeheron_COINTELEGRAPH

Airstream and Porsche Reveal the Camping Trailer of the Future_CARANDDRIVER

Rare treasures pulled from Gold Rush era shipwreck SS Central America dubbed the 'Ship of Gold' sell at auction including 32 ounce ingot for $138,000_DAILYMAIL

NATO chief in new drive to bring Finland, Sweden in_ABC

Georgia Plans to Withdraw Foreign Agents Bill After Protests_NYT

Netflix now lets you customize subtitles on your TV_ENGADGET


‘Not a Concept I Support’: DeSantis Calls Out Media Using His Picture for ‘More Clicks’ on Blogger Registration Bill He Doesn’t Advocate_MEDIAITE

Scientists create mice with two fathers after making eggs from male cells

California at risk of life-threatening flooding from new atmospheric river_ACCUWEATHER

'A shameful situation': Angry mountain residents trapped by snow ask why help took so long_LATIMES

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell hospitalized after fall_APNEWS

Tucker Carlson’s scorn for Trump revealed in court papers_AP

Flight attendants fear for safety amid unruly flier spike_THEHILL

Three Years After Covid Hit, Restaurants Are Still Desperate for workers

Most in new poll view ‘woke’ as positive term_THEHILL

Cops release footage of five Utah cops yelling ‘gun, gun, gun, gun’ before firing hail of bullets into all sides of BMW killing 25-year-old Utah law student during fatal traffic stop_DAILYMAIL

With Its Future at Stake, the Academy Tries to Fix the Oscars (Again)



Seven-months pregnant Chicago woman, 21, and her unborn baby are shot and killed after she tried to ROB car's occupants: Killers dumped her corpse on street and covered it with cash


Synctera raises $15M to help companies launch embedded banking products in Canada_TC

Wheel the World grabs $6M to offer guaranteed accessibility, price match for hotel rooms_TC

Tweed is a crypto wallet API to add a web3 flavor to any web service_TC

Y Combinator–backed Patterns is building a platform to abstract away data science busywork_TC

Roku’s latest software update brings local news, more live sports and a new mobile app_TC

Credit Karma wants millions of Americans to know their net worth_TC

Social music streaming startup Stationhead launches new live commerce tool_TC

A look at the budding market for the text that prompts AI systems_TC


ThoughtSpot adds GPT-3 integration to help customers query data_TC

Oscars Under Fire For Presenter Donnie Yen’s Chinese Communist Party Ties_FORBES

White Supremacist Propaganda Hit Record Levels In 2022, ADL Says_FORBES

In War With China, U.S. Risks Being ‘Beaten Over The Head’ With Its Own Explosives Technology_FORBES

From Power Boats To Grand Slam Breakfasts: 26 Small Cap Bargains Defying A Difficult Market_FORBES

No One Knows if You Need Another Covid Booster_WIRED

On the Trail of the Fentanyl King_WIRED


The Best Gear for Audiophiles_WIRED

An AI ‘Sexbot’ Fed My Hidden Desires—and Then Refused to Play_WIRED

The Good and Bad of ChatGPT in Schools_WIRED

The Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Deals—and Which Model to Buy_WIRED

China’s ChatGPT Black Market Is Thriving

NEWS 3/09/2023 - On this day

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