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On this day in 2023 - 2/3/2023


Horror moment California doctor, 58, cycling on Pacific Coast Highway is mowed down by a Lexus and then stabbed to death by the driver - a former accountant making 'white privilege' slurs who was restrained by shocked bystanders

China urges America to stay 'cool headed' as it 'looks into' Pentagon claims that one of its spy balloons has violated US air space over sensitive military sites in Montana: Canada probes SECOND incident

ALEX MURDAUGH MURDER TRIAL LIVE: Disgraced legal heir back in court as prosecutors fight to prove his financial crimes were a motive for killings and should be heard by jury

The north braces for 'once in a generation' wind chill as cold front from Canada blows into the Upper Midwest and southern ice storm heads to New England after leaving 10 dead, 460k without power and thousands of flights canceled

Woman, 66, is found 'gasping for air' inside a body bag at Iowa funeral home after being wrongfully declared dead by bungling care home

China's President Xi has ordered his military to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027, warns CIA director William Burns

Hunter Biden accused of 'intimidation' as it is revealed he was hit with $75,000 defamation lawsuit by Delaware laptop repairman five days BEFORE he demanded DOJ prosecute anyone who shared his hard drive

Can a $1 TRILLION platinum coin solve the U.S. debt crisis: The Treasury Secretary has dismissed it as a 'gimmick' - but could it be the only way to get the U.S. out of a $31 trillion hole?

Chicago woman 'hid her 96-year-old mom's body in a freezer for nearly two years to collect her social security checks': Suspect's daughter says 'there's basically nothing my mother wouldn't do for money'

Why you should match your lipstick colour to your nipples: New beauty trend is the secret to the most flattering makeup look yet

NEWS 2/3/2023 - On this day

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