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On this day in 2023 - 2/24/2023


2/24/2023 - On this day in 2023

AI-Human Romances Are Flourishing—And This Is Just the Beginning

Should Algorithms Control Nuclear Launch Codes? The US Says No

$113 BILLION on a war with no end in sight: breaks down Biden's enormous military package for Ukraine on the first anniversary of Putin's invasion, the Republican audits, and what the taxpayers think

Billionaire financier Thomas H. Lee found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound in NYC office: sources

Russia-Ukraine live updates: Brutal war reaches 1-year milestone

One year of war in Ukraine; China wants peace; access to an abortion drug is at risk

Netflix CUTS prices in more than 30 countries in a desperate attempt to attract more subscribers

Another smartphone supports satellite connectivity, as mobile space race heats up

MediaTek is set to unveil its own phone-to-satellite communication system next week

Emojis count as financial advice and have legal consequences, judge rules

MediaTek's New Chip Lets Any Phone Send Texts Through Satellites

How Ukraine’s Trains Kept Running Despite Bombs, Blackouts, and Biden

Russia Drops Ominous Warning About Attack on Second Country

The War in Ukraine Is the End of a World

Jeff Bezos hires investment firm to consider bid on Commanders

Warhol in the desert: flamboyant art icon pops up in Saudi

Kansas kicks off push to define ‘woman,’ as red states seek to shield single-sex spaces

Sex truths UNCOVERED: Americans are cheating on partners more often, are less keen on monogamy, and millions believe polygamy will be legal this century, shock survey reveals

David Zaslav Praises CNN Adding More GOP Voices; “Balance Strategy” Is “Important,” Warner Bros Discovery Boss Says

Appeals court weighs protections for lawmaker cellphone contents

JWST discovery of 6 galaxies from beginning of universe ‘creates problems for science’

Inside the Secret Shady World of Corporate Concerts

Wall Street Backs New Class of Psychedelic Drugs

Mercedes-Benz cars to have 'supercomputers', unveils Google partnership

Amazon Completes $3.9bn One Medical Acquisition After FTC’s Antitrust Challenge Times Out

Marianne Williamson confirms she's running for President: Bestselling self-help author and 2020 candidate throws hat in race as Democratic challenger to Joe Biden

The Latest Shakeup in the Prescription Drug Market: $5 Generics via Amazon Prime

NEWS 2/24/2023 - On this day

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