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Neom project in Saudi Arabia seeks to operate independently with its own autonomous judicial system

Updated: May 10

Search the web and tell me about the Neom project in Saudi Arabia.

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The Neom project, launched by Saudi Arabia in 2017, is an ambitious endeavor to construct a new, futuristic region in the northwest part of the country, specifically in the Tabuk Province. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman envisions Neom as a hub for innovation and technology, spanning an area the size of Belgium and designed to operate independently with its own tax, labor laws, and an autonomous judicial system. The name "Neom" blends the Greek word "neo" (meaning new) and the first letter of Mohammed, also representing the Arabic word for "future"​ (Wikipedia)​.

Neom is part of Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to diversify the Saudi economy away from oil dependence and develop public service sectors. The project includes ambitious plans for the city to be powered solely by renewable energy sources and to feature robotics in security, logistics, home delivery, and caregiving. The first phase of Neom is expected to complete by 2025, with tourists beginning to visit in 2024​ (Wikipedia)​.

The project comprises several key regions, including "The Line," a linear city announced in 2021, expected to stretch over 170 kilometers and house nine million people in mirror-encased skyscrapers. This structure is envisioned to eliminate roads, cars, and emissions, offering residents access to all daily needs within a five-minute walk and a year-round ideal climate. "Trojena," another significant area within Neom, will focus on outdoor skiing and adventure sports, featuring an artificial freshwater lake and a variety of residential and hospitality options. "Oxagon" is planned as Neom's industrial hub, focusing on sustainable energy, autonomous mobility, and other innovative sectors​ (GulfNews)​.

However, the Neom project has faced controversies, particularly concerning sustainability, livability, and human rights issues, including the relocation of the Huwaitat tribe to accommodate development​ (Dezeen)​.

For detailed timelines and completion goals, Neom aims to have key elements like the Sindalah luxury island and the Oxagon port city ready for initial occupancy or visitation between 2024 and 2030, with The Line's development extending to 2045. Despite these plans, some skepticism exists regarding the feasibility of these ambitious timelines​ (Dezeen)​.


Generate an image of Neom.

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Here's the image depicting the futuristic megacity of Neom, capturing its vibrant, technologically advanced cityscape and harmonious blend of innovation and sustainability.


Search the web and tell me more about the autonomous judicial system planed for Neom.

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The Neom project in Saudi Arabia, as part of its innovative and futuristic vision, plans to implement an autonomous judicial system. This aspect of Neom underscores its ambition to operate independently from the existing governmental framework of Saudi Arabia, with its own set of tax and labor laws. The project aims to create a regulatory framework that will adopt world-class investment laws to support residents and targeted economic sectors. This framework is expected to be subject to independent regulations and legislation, crafted in accordance with international best practices​ (Big Think)​.

The concept of Neom includes the establishment of the world's first independent international zone, which will be managed through a regulatory framework designed to foster a conducive environment for innovation and economic development. This system aims to ensure that Neom will have laws enforced by city-wide automation and tracking of its citizens, independent of Saudi Arabia's current laws, yet created by a mix of local and foreign investors to align with international standards​ (Big Think)​.

However, it's important to note that while Neom promises a judicial system with laws crafted by investors and independent of the broader Saudi legal framework, some reports suggest that judges in Neom could be reporting directly to the king, and that Sharia law would still be prevalent. An exception might be made for the consumption of alcohol, which is suggested to be permitted within Neom​ (Big Think)​.

For more detailed information, you can explore the sources directly: Big Think​ (Big Think)​, StartupTalky​ (StartupTalky)​, and Dezeen​ (Dezeen)​.


Generate 50 SEO keywords related to the Neom project in Saudi Arabia.

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These keywords cover various aspects of the Neom project, including its sustainability, technological advancements, and economic potential, aiming to capture a broad interest range among audiences searching for information on this ambitious initiative. ​​


Tell me more about some of the features of Neom.

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Neom, an ambitious initiative by Saudi Arabia, is positioned as a beacon of the future, showcasing what a new era of urban living could look like. Here are some key features that highlight its innovative approach to city design and living:

1. The Line

A centerpiece of the Neom project, The Line is a proposed linear city stretching over 170 kilometers but only 200 meters wide. It is envisioned to house nine million people within its glass mirror exterior, focusing on minimizing environmental impact and eliminating the need for cars. All essential services will be accessible within a five-minute walk, aiming to create a community-centric lifestyle that's free from roads, cars, and emissions.

2. Renewable Energy

Neom is set to be powered entirely by renewable energy sources, with a significant focus on solar and wind energy. This commitment supports its goal of achieving a zero-emission, carbon-positive ecosystem, making it a leading example of sustainable urban development.

3. Autonomous Judicial System

Neom plans to operate with an autonomous judicial system distinct from the existing Saudi legal framework. This system aims to support residents and the economic sectors targeted for development within Neom, creating a regulatory environment that encourages innovation and investment.

4. Technological Innovation

Artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital infrastructure are at the heart of Neom's vision. From autonomous transport systems to advanced healthcare facilities powered by AI, Neom is being designed as a hub for technological advancement, aiming to foster a high-tech ecosystem that attracts global talent and investment.

5. Sustainability and Environmental Preservation

With plans to preserve 95% of the natural environment within its territory, Neom is committed to maintaining its stunning natural landscapes. This commitment extends to water management, where advanced desalination technologies and water recycling will minimize waste and ensure sustainable resource use.

6. Economic and Research Hub

Neom is expected to become a global center for innovation, trade, and entrepreneurship. Its economic strategy includes creating a conducive environment for startups, research facilities, and international businesses focusing on sectors like energy, water, biotech, food, manufacturing, and entertainment.

7. Tourism and Cultural Initiatives

Neom's unique geographical location and futuristic design make it a potential global tourist destination. Plans include luxury resorts, cultural venues, and sports facilities that aim to attract visitors from around the world, offering a blend of natural beauty and modern luxury.

8. Oxagon

Described as the world's largest floating industrial complex, Oxagon will focus on manufacturing and innovation. This octagonal city is part of Neom's broader strategy to redefine industrial operations, making them more sustainable and efficient.

9. Trojena

An outdoor year-round skiing destination in the desert, Trojena exemplifies Neom's bold approach to leisure and sports, offering a range of activities from skiing to mountain biking, set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural scenery.

10. Smart City Technologies

Neom is to incorporate smart city technologies across its infrastructure, from smart homes and offices to IoT-enabled public spaces, ensuring efficiency, safety, and a high quality of life for its residents.

These features collectively present Neom not just as a city but as a vision of what future urban living can aspire to be, merging sustainability, technology, and human-centric design into a unique ecosystem.


Generate 50 SEO keywords for Saudi Arabia.

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These keywords cover a broad spectrum of topics related to Saudi Arabia, including its culture, economy, tourism, and the transformative Vision 2030 initiative. ​​


Describe the physical landscape of Saudi Arabia and generate some images of it.

ChatGPT 4

Saudi Arabia's physical landscape is diverse and striking, encompassing a range of natural features from vast deserts to mountain ranges, and a notable coastline along the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Here's a closer look at the key elements of Saudi Arabia's landscape:


The country is predominantly desert, featuring both the Rub' al Khali (Empty Quarter) and the An Nafud Desert. The Rub' al Khali, one of the largest sand deserts in the world, covers much of the southern part of the country with its immense sea of sand dunes, some reaching heights of up to 250 meters. The An Nafud Desert in the north is known for its reddish-orange sand and is interspersed with gravel plains and dunes.

Mountain Ranges

The Hijaz and Asir mountains run along the western edge of Saudi Arabia, parallel to the Red Sea. These ranges include peaks that exceed 2,500 meters, with Jabal Sawda in the Asir region being one of the highest points in the country. These mountainous regions are greener and receive more rainfall than the rest of the country, supporting a variety of flora and fauna.

Coastal Areas

Saudi Arabia has a long coastline that extends along the Red Sea to the west and the Persian Gulf to the east. The Red Sea coast is renowned for its beautiful coral reefs and marine biodiversity, making it a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. The eastern coast by the Persian Gulf features important industrial and commercial ports.

Plateaus and Plains

The Najd plateau occupies a large part of the central region of Saudi Arabia, characterized by rocky plateaus and sparse vegetation. To the east, the terrain gradually descends into the Eastern Province's coastal plains along the Persian Gulf, an area rich in oil fields.


Despite the arid climate, Saudi Arabia is home to several oases, such as Al-Hasa, which provide vital water sources for agriculture in these fertile lands amidst the desert.

This varied topography contributes to the stunning natural beauty of Saudi Arabia, offering everything from dramatic desert landscapes to lush mountain valleys.

Let's create some images that reflect these descriptions of Saudi Arabia's physical landscape.

The image above reflects the diverse and captivating landscape of Saudi Arabia, from its vast deserts and lush mountains to the vibrant marine life along its coasts and the life-sustaining oases. This visual portrayal brings to life the natural beauty and geographical contrasts found within the country.


Describe the government of Saudi Arabia.

ChatGPT 4

The government of Saudi Arabia operates as an absolute monarchy, where the King is both the head of state and the head of government. The Kingdom's political system is based on the principles of Islam, and the Quran and the Sunnah (the traditions of Prophet Muhammad) serve as the country's constitution. Here's an overview of the key aspects of Saudi Arabia's governmental structure:

Monarchy and Royal Family

The King of Saudi Arabia holds the highest authority in the country and makes decisions regarding the government's direction, foreign policy, and economic development. The King is also the Prime Minister. The royal family, known as the House of Saud, has a significant influence in the country's political affairs, with many princes and relatives holding governmental and administrative positions.

Council of Ministers (Cabinet)

The King appoints members to the Council of Ministers, which acts as the executive body. The Council is responsible for drafting and implementing national policy, economic development, and government regulations. It consists of ministers who head various departments such as defense, finance, health, education, and foreign affairs.

Consultative Assembly (Shura Council)

The Consultative Assembly, or Shura Council, serves an advisory role to the King. It is composed of 150 members, all appointed by the King for four-year terms. The Council reviews legislation, suggests new laws, and provides recommendations on general policies. While it does not have legislative power, its advice is taken into consideration in decision-making processes.

Legal System

Saudi Arabia's legal system is based on Islamic law (Sharia), derived from the Quran and the Sunnah. The judiciary is independent, with various courts handling legal matters, including general, criminal, personal status, and commercial cases. The Supreme Judicial Council oversees the judiciary's work, ensuring compliance with Islamic law.

Provincial Administration

The country is divided into regions, each headed by a governor, usually a prince or a close relative of the King. These governors oversee local administration and development projects within their regions, reporting directly to the King.

Recent Reforms

Under the current monarch, King Salman, and his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has undergone significant social and economic reforms aimed at modernizing the country and reducing its dependency on oil. The Vision 2030 plan outlines ambitious goals for diversifying the economy, developing public service sectors, and enhancing the quality of life for Saudi citizens.

Foreign Policy

Saudi Arabia plays a significant role in regional politics, particularly in the Middle East, and maintains strategic partnerships with various countries around the world. Its foreign policy focuses on promoting Islamic values, ensuring stability in the oil market, and addressing regional security concerns.

The government of Saudi Arabia is characterized by its adherence to Islamic principles, the central role of the monarchy, and ongoing efforts to modernize and reform the country's political, social, and economic landscape.


Search the web and find the population of Saudi Arabia and confirm how many are foreign nationals.

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As of 2024, the population of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be around 37.35 million. This number includes both Saudi nationals and foreign nationals residing in the country. The demographic composition is quite diverse, with a significant portion of the population being foreign nationals. In fact, foreigners make up over 40% of Saudi Arabia's population, totaling around 13.4 million people. This demographic landscape underscores Saudi Arabia's role as a major destination for expatriates, particularly those seeking employment in various sectors, including the oil industry, construction, and services.

The presence of a large expatriate community highlights the kingdom's economic diversification efforts and its pivotal role in the global labor market. However, it also reflects the challenges and dynamics of integrating a vast number of foreign workers into the social and economic fabric of the country, prompting policies and reforms aimed at balancing the workforce and ensuring the rights and well-being of all residents.

For more detailed information, you can explore the original sources: Worldometer​ (Worldometer)​, SPA​ (وكالة الأنباء السعودية)​, and The New Arab​ (The New Arab)​.


Which half of the population is envisioned to be living in Neom? The foreign nationals or the Saudi citizens?

ChatGPT 4

The information regarding the specific composition of Neom's future population, in terms of the ratio between Saudi citizens and foreign nationals, does not seem to be explicitly detailed in the sources reviewed. However, Neom is envisioned as a global hub for innovation, tourism, and industry, indicating it may likely host a significant number of foreign nationals alongside Saudi citizens. The project, part of Saudi Vision 2030, aims to diversify the Saudi economy and develop public service sectors with an emphasis on renewable energy, technology, and sustainable living​ (Dezeen)​​ (AGBI)​​ (Wikipedia)​.

Given the ambitious scale of the project and its international appeal, both in terms of attracting global talent and investments, it's plausible that Neom will have a diverse population. The initiative aligns with broader national goals to open up the country more to the world, suggesting a welcoming stance towards international residents and visitors. Furthermore, with the development of sectors that require specialized knowledge and global partnerships, such as renewable energy and tech-driven industries, the presence of a substantial number of expatriates and international experts could be anticipated.

For more detailed insights, you might want to keep an eye on official announcements from Neom and related Saudi government communications as the project progresses.


List some popular news websites in Saudi Arabia.

ChatGPT 4

It appears there was an issue accessing detailed lists from external sources. However, based on common knowledge and widely recognized media outlets, here are some of the popular news websites in Saudi Arabia known for providing comprehensive news coverage, including national, regional, and international news:

  • Arab News: One of the oldest and most established English-language daily newspapers in Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of news and commentary.

  • Al Arabiya English: The English version of Al Arabiya, providing news and analyses on politics, economics, and social matters from the Middle East and the world.

  • Saudi Gazette: Another prominent English-language daily in Saudi Arabia, covering local, national, and international news.

  • Asharq Al-Awsat: A leading Arabic international newspaper headquartered in London, offering news and views across the Arab world and internationally.

  • Al Jazeera (Saudi Arabia section): Although based in Qatar, Al Jazeera's Saudi Arabia section offers extensive coverage of Saudi news in both Arabic and English.

These websites are known for their coverage of Saudi affairs and are widely accessed by readers interested in Saudi Arabia's developments, policies, and regional dynamics.


List the complete URLs for the websites mentioned.

ChatGPT 4

Here are the URLs for the mentioned popular news websites in Saudi Arabia:

These websites provide a wide range of news coverage and are valuable resources for staying informed about Saudi Arabia and regional developments.

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