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Marketing and Advertising - I Bought The Same Dress For $4, $30, $60, and $200

'SCAM' websites...

Drop shipping fulfillment wholesalers are making a killing fulfilling orders for their products that are marketed and advertised by an endless number of 'influencers' on Tik-Tok, Shopify Store plugin apps and the insanely oversaturated Amazon.

This is a well produced video I came across on YouTube. There is no 'scam' here. A seller can mark up a piece for whatever price they choose. Most people cannot make money drop shipping as a reseller because there are too many people doing it and the wholesaler can then subvert all of their resellers and sell directly to consumers for the same price or cheaper than the wholesale price they offer to resellers.

This 'phenomenon' is not new. 'Mockups' are often used as it does not make any sense to try and create new images for every item a reseller promotes. What should be of concern to people here is that everything leads back to wholesale companies. Your customer list, 'your' content - whether stolen by another user who is reselling the same product or using an original ad created by another user.!? - Very unethical.

What should be more concerning to users is that platforms like Tik-Tok not only allow this, but they also collect data on the products influencers promote and resell and eventually dominate the positioning for successful sales campaigns after letting dozens of users pay to market and promote popular products. In other words, the manufacturer for these items, probably in China, will eventually discontinue reseller drop shipping options and run their own ads direct to consumer after relying on resellers to promote and advertise the product.

The woman in this video who has a legitimate complaint, explaining how she notified Tik-Tok that this was happening, may have brought this item to the attention of the platform who can recreate an account using her ad and make sure that she never sees it to profit from reselling the item and keep the profit for themselves.

'Content Stealing' - Tik-Tok users are going to be really upset when they learn that anything and everything they post to the platform becomes part of the content catalog for Tik-Tok. Your likeness, images and ads as well as other content you give to Tik-Tok belongs to Tik-Tok. Other social platforms do this as well in more subtle ways. Tik-Tok may be an easy way to make a quick buck, but you need to register and promote your own domain by securing your unique .com and make that website the point of contact for you and your brand.

At the time this video was viewed, these were the stats: 1.6M views 1 day ago #8 on Trending

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