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Macrocosm of Israel

I have been threatened by many people telling me to be careful what I write. I have been falsely discredited. So what?

While you bury your faces in your phones and 'tap, tap, tap' away on social media...

When was the last time you entered a search query without 'tapping' on the suggestion or utilizing an a .com extension? When was the last time you typed in a web address without going through an app?

The WORLD is anti-Israel on social media. The U.S. funds both sides of the war. The U.S. is a 'proxy' to all of it, the U.N., the illegal immigration, the war in Israel is happening in America as we speak through our academic institutions that 'pivot' free speech and redirect the threat toward the people who tried to build a wall before all of this started.

Sanctuary states are redirecting the overflow of immigrants to red states because they do not qualify to live there, making red states the recipients of the 'questionable' immigrants?

As the college students at elite universities who are mostly not from this country hold pro-Palestine protests?

Do you see where this is going?

And, of course, Trump and the J6 protesters who are still being rounded up and prosecuted in this country.

The GOP does not exist.

The 'pro-Palestine' group was not arguing the human rights abuses as innocent children were used as props for illegal immigrants crossing the southern border of the U.S.

They are not arguing for rights of the immigrants from Palestine who have already crossed the southern border into the U.S.

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