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Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell

Updated: Feb 1

"Keep the Aspidistra Flying" is a novel by George Orwell that tells the story of Gordon Comstock, a young man who rebels against the materialism and consumerism of the capitalist society in which he lives. Gordon is a poet who works in a bookstore and lives in a small flat in London. He is disgusted by the consumerism and materialism of society and wants to live a simple life free of the constraints of money and material possessions.

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Gordon quits his job and begins working at a low-paying job at a bookshop. He also renounces his upper-middle-class lifestyle and starts living in poverty in order to pursue his artistic and intellectual goals. However, his rebellion is met with resistance from those around him, including his family and friends, who see his choices as a rejection of their values and way of life.

The novel explores themes of class, consumerism, and the search for meaning and purpose in life. It also critiques the societal attitudes towards poverty and the poor, highlighting the hypocrisy and indifference of the middle and upper classes. The book also examines the struggle for individuality and authenticity in a society that values conformity and material success.

"Keep the Aspidistra Flying" is considered a classic of social and political commentary. It offers a powerful and thought-provoking critique of the values and culture of capitalist society, and the ways in which it shapes the lives of individuals. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of living a meaningful and authentic life and the need to resist societal pressure to conform to the norm.

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