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They know the number of killed is accurate, but they do not know where they were killed (inside Israel of Gaza?)

Th U.S. has respect for the rule of law. Not true.

Americans - 17 missing 22 dead.

No evidence Iran is involved.

"No specific threats domestically." members of Congress and civilians are organizing from coast to coast in the U.S. and there is no threat.?! But white nationalist domestic terror...?!

John Kirby has no evidence that anyone 'cut checks' to fund the attack.

Jacqui Heinrich presses John Kirby on Iran and he danced around the question.

Airlift of U.S. citizens within 24 hours? No comment.

No Data on dual-citizenship question regarding hostages in Israel. "They are Americans if they have dual citizenship." A Jew in Israel is a Jew in Israel is an American citizen if they have dual citizenship.

WH won't confirm if U.S. is communicating with Hamas. The assumption is that they are if they won't deny it.

"We are the greatest contributor of humanitarian assistance."

"Iran gets most of its oil revenue on the black market."

"We know Hamas has several American hostages." So they have been in communication with Hamas.

WH in touch with Americans in Israel. No decision on hostage recovery. WH won't confirm U.S. is communicating with Hamas.

National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications

WH YouTube feed of press conference goes mute 2:19 P EST

Proof of life?


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