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Israel's 9/11 - Israel's 'Pearl Harbor' - Israel's protocols of zion

American 'Jews' are primarily affiliated with voters of the Democrat party (Jewish-Americans). The American Democrat party is associated with anti-semitism. American Democrats fuel the narrative of victimization while the useless GOP Republican party supports Israel and fails to correct the error of hypocrisy. The axiom protocol.

Judeo-Christian values? Jews do not support 'American' 'Christians' who 'support' them. They side with the oppressors - the American Democrat party.

Israel does not accept illegal immigrants. But they did allow an international music festival to take place 3 miles from the Gaza border.

Christians and Jews do not share the same bible, nor do they meet in the same houses of worship. Yet, they are united in times of crisis to accept donations.

The Soros funded members of U.S. congress elevate the axiom protocol.

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