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Israel blocking aid to Gaza from Egypt claims Jordan

The Jordan Times reports:

More than 100 trucks carrying aid goods have been queued for days on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing, the only entry or exit point to Gaza not controlled by Israel.

Cairo has so far kept it closed, pointing to repeated Israeli strikes near the checkpoint and voicing fears that Israel may be hoping to permanently drive Palestinians out and into Egypt’s Sinai Desert.

On the Gaza side, scores of people were again waiting, desperate to flee, but careful to keep about 100 metres away in case of new Israeli bombardment.

“We’re ready with our bags,” said one man who only gave his name as Mohammed, 40, and who said he works for a European institution.

He said he had been waiting “for three days with my family, in a house 10 minutes away from the crossing” but had received no information so far.

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