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Illegal immigrants enter Michigan capitol demanding driver's licenses

In a bold move to push for legislative action, a group of undocumented immigrants and their supporters recently staged a sit-in at the Michigan state Capitol, demanding access to driver's licenses and state identification cards. This event unfolded as part of a broader push by advocates to pass legislation that would allow any Michigan resident, regardless of immigration status, to obtain these essential documents.

The sit-in, organized by Movimiento Cosecha, saw protestors entering Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks' office to emphasize the urgency of the Drive Safe bills, a package of legislation co-sponsored by Brinks in April. The protestors' actions highlight the long-standing issue of access to driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants, a right that was available to them until a legal opinion issued in 2007 reversed the state's stance on the matter.

Dolores Olivarez, one of the organizers, expressed the daily apprehension faced by undocumented immigrants who risk deportation simply by driving without a license. The protestors' actions reflect the broader challenges faced by undocumented immigrants in Michigan and across the United States, who are often unable to access basic services and opportunities without proper identification.

The Drive Safe bills, if passed, would restore the ability for undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses and state identification cards, a right that was available until 2008. Supporters argue that such legislation would not only improve the lives of undocumented immigrants but also enhance public safety by ensuring all drivers are licensed and insured.

As the Michigan legislature considers these bills, the sit-in at the Capitol underscores the determination of undocumented immigrants and their allies to fight for their rights and dignity. The outcome of this legislative push will have significant implications for the estimated 55,000 undocumented individuals in Michigan who could potentially obtain driver's licenses in the first three years of the law taking effect.

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