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If you are not concerned by the tone of the protests, you have been brainwashed by 'them'

Unless you are unaware they are happening which means you are not reading this right now.

'A recent study' found that a large number of young people have chosen to be ignorant regarding matters of politics and news. They may have made a wise choice given the way the media has been handling coverage of significant events that affect country and citizens.

The combative nature of this is justified by the people who determine which speech is allowed and which groups are allowed to use what speech. The deliberate and worldwide response tells you who cares about what. American politicians did not display this much enthusiasm over any issue concerning to the American people as the conflict from around the world made its way into the borders of the U.S. and into American educational institutions which apparently do not include very many students who identify as white Americans.

Students - send the money you receive in the form of student loans to the humanitarian effort of your choice, drop out of school and get a job to pay back the loan, if you can.

THEY keep calling the 'refugees' they are preparing to being to the U.S. 'American hostages.' There are most likely ZERO American hostages in these countries. They are not here, in America and unless it has been specifically stated that individuals VACATIONING or VISITING for what period of time, less than two weeks(?), may be an innocent victim caught in the middle of all of this. People from around the world who visited Israel to attend or participate in the NOVA music festival were killed and taken as hostages according to many reports.

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