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If I just keep scrolling I am positive that I will find the answer to the Universe

As it pertains to me

She scrolled and she scrolled as she walked down a lonely road. Her day off from high school. The grooming laws were subjective as it pertained to social media according to Ted Cruz, who verified for all of the social media platforms that there are no laws to control them.


None of the parents who put the devices into the hands of their children or the members of Congress who receive funding from their lobbyists were held responsible, but just a suggestion to 'be more responsible'.

As she scrolled and she scrolled and she scrolled, toward the southern border, she apparently met a character named Katie Britt who would use her as a political prop in the same way that the GOP used Katie Britt as a political prop because she is the 'transformer' (that is what AI calls it - 'alignment') to transition her 20 - something social media influencer appearance into politics. Katie Britt is the Right-Wing response to AOC in an environment where the GOP refuses to play offense or defense; so instead, we will place a young lady who is willing to be humiliated on the stage to .... do what exactly?

The GOP are a bunch of f-ing pussies and instead presented a sacrificial lamb of purity for sacrifice.

The (britt) response was very reflective of the 'hot mic' moment reported by REUTERS wherein Biden stated, 'A come to Jesus' moment with Benjamin Natanyahu.

Fox News hosts the worst representatives for the pro-Israel stance that could possibly be imagined; by design.

And, of course, Benjamin Netanyahu speaks openly about 'inducing' behavior through social media campaigns that plan organize and execute a physical response in the way of real or artificially induced protests to prop up the agenda.

Harris Faulkner knows this as as she hosts these people on her show - the 20 somethings, like Katie Britt, who always have a different story from Israel than the one she told you about before the bumper pre-commercial break. And then Harris will 'soft humiliate her' during her air time, forcing the viewer to extrapolate contempt from her nuance like she is a show within a show of her own.

It is like watching a commercial and, at first, you have no idea what the product is. And then, you run a pro-Israel, but "(free speech)" Muslim campaign to the point that makes Fox News no different that 'The View'.

Harris Faulkner gets to feature 'black people from Chicago' because she is married ta a Jewish guy? If the people that Harris Faulkner has on her show think that that they can change the state of Chicago with their votes, then why haven't they already done that?

Instead, Chicago moves further Left. But why is anyone talking about 'rights' as it pertains to anything in Illinois?

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