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'If' - 3 good grabs by Darren Beattie at Revolver News

Every once in a while the truth about the lies we are told surfaces. What they told you about the workforce when you signed up and paid for training turns out not to be true. Whether it is a college degree or a trade certification, the salespeople who recruit you are not working in their chosen field of study if they even went through formal college or trade skills training because their job is to recruit you.

'Counterpoint: The trades are even worse…' - 'The advice I give to young men I talk to is everyone is lying to you and you need to go into these things with your eyes open and realistic expectations.'

When you go to buy a car, the salesperson is never going to tell you about any of the known downsides of any automobile you would like to purchase. When you decide to enroll in college or other skills training, they are selling you the title to a car (degree or certification) they they have built up in your imagination that may or may not even exist by the time you complete your training. For many, when you are finished, the only thing you have is very expensive receipt for your transaction in the form of a degree or certification that means nothing. False job placement statistic scandals have been swept under the rug for decades as 'loans' for these for these educational scams preying on would be job seekers continue to be made available to anyone too dumb to see that people in today's workforce are selected and rejected based on factors that have nothing to do with education or proficiency.

Imagine the workforce is like a pyramid made of blocks just like in Egypt. Imagine each horizontal layer of blocks is a different color. Each 'color' layer of the pyramid represents the lifecycle of a coder. "Big Tech' is the 'little pyramid' at the top of the big pyramid. Coding involves constant education. A tech worker is replaced every time their proficiency during their stage of development has been exhausted and then someone who does not know how to do what you know how to do replaces you so that the trail of breadcrumbs leading back to this evolution can be obscured. After your layer is complete you have served your purpose and AI has used you as an asset and now the new generation can simply press a button to do what you 'know how to do' - while the new people in this field don't know, care or have time to learn what you 'know how to do' because the layer they are working on involves something completely different. Planned Obsolescence of you.

Just like ChatGPT can write things for people who don't know how to or want to write, it can code for people who don't know how to code because you trained it to do that.

'How does this work?' is not something that many people are interested in anymore. ChatGPT has no instruction manual. Your 'access' to every industry is controlled by the 'tap' of an app on a phone. 'How do I...?' Answer: 'Tap this.' All of you newbies are a bunch of button pushers who do not really know how to do anything by design. This way, you can't 'go back' and figure out how you got here after the realization that you have been manipulated and deceived sets in after it is determined that you are no longer useful as we evolve to the next layer of the pyramid.

It has been a long standing belief that people who built the inner tombs of ancient Egypt were murdered after they completed the construction so that they could not reveal the passageways that led to the final resting place of the pharos.

'If' - The one consistent thread throughout all of this is based on a condition. 'IF.'

'IF you go to college or spend time and money learning a trade or learn how to code - the result will be a predictable outcome and salary that will afford you a certain lifestyle. This may have been true at some point, but it certainly has not ben the case over the past several decades. But the lie persists.

It is the goal of the elites to ensure that you do not know how to anything other than obey. Those elites control the academic institutions, corporate institutions and access to those institutions. The institutions that foster the culture that drives politics.

The parasitic culture of technology and social engineering that breeds sociopaths in our society feeds on the knowledge and beliefs that built the system it now seeks to destroy in order to bury the architecture of the greatest country in the world that now rapidly imports that which it escaped from. The reasons why that is happening and the parties involved is absent from educational curriculum and has instead been replaced with that which history has warned us against. How to think has been replaced by what to think. You must know one thing while saying another - a common trait among sociopaths and politicians.

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